An extension for Firefox that allows one to remote control FF with TCP sockets
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Welcome to the Remote Control Firefox Extension.

It allows you to remote control a particular Firefox window with a TCP connection (such as telnet or netcat).

Something like this:

base@peter:~> telnet localhost 32000

You send any Javascript commands to firefox in a single line, and it sends either a result or an error back JSON-encoded. As a convenience, a command of reload is taken to be a shortcut for window.location.reload()

Using netcat/nc, you can therefore:

echo reload | nc localhost 32000

and the page will reload.

Getting Started

  • Download and install the extension
  • Add the Remote Control Toolbar button to your toolbar
  • Optionally change the preferences to select listening port number (default=32000) or and whether or not to listen to connections from all hosts or just localhost (default = localhost only).
  • Select a Firefox window or tab you want to remote control
  • Click the Remote Control toolbar button
    • If firebug is installed and active in that window, you can see logging in the Firebug console. (Firebug is not required, but the firebug console will be used if installed and active)
  • Use telnet, nc or any other tool to send javascript commands to your Remote Controlled Firefox.

NOTE: When firefox is initially started, Remote Control is not active. You have to select a window/tab and start Remote Control by clicking the toolbar button. You can only remote control the selected window/tab.


Please report any problems to the Issue tracker