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A Ruby client library for the Redis key-value storage system.

Information about Redis

Redis is a key-value store with some interesting features:

  1. It's fast.
  2. Keys are strings but values are typed. Currently Redis supports strings, lists, sets, sorted sets and hashes. Atomic operations can be done on all of these types.

See the Redis homepage for more information.


For all types redis-rb needs redis-server running to connect to.

Simple Key Value Strings can be used like a large Ruby Hash (Similar to Memcached, Tokyo Cabinet)

require 'redis'
r =
r['key_one'] = "value_one"
r['key_two'] = "value_two"

r['key_one]  # => "value_one"

Redis only stores strings. To store Objects, Array or Hashes, you must Marshal

require 'redis'
r =

example_hash_to_store = {:name => "Alex", :age => 21, :password => "letmein", :cool => false}

r['key_one'] = Marshal.dump(example_hash_to_store)

hash_returned_from_redis = Marshal.load(r['key_one'])

Alternatively you can use the Redis Commands

require 'redis'
r =
r.set 'key_one', 'value_one'
r.get 'key_one' # => 'value_one'

# Using Redis list objects
# Push an object to the head of the list. Creates the list if it doesn't allready exsist.

blog_hash = {:title => "Redis Rules!", :body => "Ok so, like why, well like, RDBMS is like....", :created_at =>}
r.lpush 'all_blogs', Marshal.dump(blog_hash)

# Get a range of strings from the all_blogs list. Similar to offset and limit in SQL (-1, means the last one)

r.lrange 'all_blogs', 0, -1

Multiple commands at once!

require 'redis'
r =
r.multi do
  r.set 'foo', 'bar'
  r.incr 'baz'


See the build on RunCodeRun.

If you would like to submit patches, you'll need Redis in your development environment:

	rake redis:install


Check the examples/ directory. You'll need to have an instance of redis-server running before running the examples.