Record historic varnish metrics on Hyperic
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###Introduction The Varnish plugin allows you to gather a series of metrics from one instance of Varnish HTTP accelerator, including availability, requests served, bytes served, cache hits a cache misses.



  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install the Config::INI::Simple Perl Module on the agents
  3. Stop the HQ Server and Agents
  4. Copy the plugin to the respective plugin directory

On HQ Server:

cp  varnish-plugin.xml <hq installation dir>/hq-plugins/

On HQ Agent:

cp  -a scripts/ varnish-plugin.xml <hq installation dir>/hq-plugins/
chmod +x /opt/hyperic/hq-plugins/scripts/
  1. Give write permitions to the scripts directory to the user who runs the HQ Agent process
chmod o+w  /opt/hyperic/hq-plugins/scripts/
  1. Restart the HQ Servers and Agents