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+Global Settings
+DBT = DB Template
+Chosen Template List = Can be seen by accessing http://localhost:8000/admin/sites/site/40/,
+ where 40 is the id of a particular site, can be any valid id
+ It represents the list with selected DBTs for the current site
+ (the right one).
+DBT List = Can be seen by following: http://localhost:8000/admin/dbtemplates/template
+Template drop down = while editing a page, this is the drop down which allows templates to
+ be selected for that page.
+There are three configuration variables available:
+* ``DBTEMPLATES_SHARED_SITES`` a list of site names defaulting
+ to an empty list. All the sites listed here will share their
+ templates with all the other sites as read-only. This can be
+ useful in a shared environment to enable code sharing. Normally
+ these sites should not have any pages.
+ For example let's say that T1, T2 and T3 are three DBTs which are
+ designated to be used (shared) within all sites, without selecting
+ them manually in the site's Chosen Template List.
+ By setting DBTEMPLATES_SHARED_SITES = ['PBS'], the site with name 'PBS'
+ (and domain='') will have the role of a shared site.
+ Therefore, by selecting T1, T2 and T3 in the Chosen Template List of
+ site, will accomplish the goal to make these three
+ templates available by default for all the other sites.
+ From now on, all the sites can make use of (select in their pages) T1, T2 and T3
+ without explicitly select them in the site's Chosen Template List.
+ If user Us1 have editor rights on, he will notice that T1, T2 and T3
+ are available in DBT List.
+ Also, if Us1 wants to create/edit a page for, he will notice that
+ T1, T2 and T3 are available in Template Plugin drop down (even though they are not
+ items in site1's Chosen Template List).
+ By settings DBTEMPLATES_RESTRICT_USER = False, the current user
+ will be able to modify DBTs defined for 'PBS' shared site
+ (they won't be readonly anymore).
+* ``DBTEMPLATES_INCLUDE_ORPHAN`` a boolean flag that defaults to
+ ``True``. If this option is enabled, selecting a site in the
+ db template creation form is optional. If a DBT doesn't
+ belong to any site it will behave as global and will be available
+ in all sites. If set to ``False`` the user will be forced to link
+ the DBT that he creates to at least one site.
+ A DBT can become orphan if all its sites have been deleted. This
+ setting controls if orphan DBTs can be displayed in DBT List
+ or to be available for Template drop down.
+* ``DBTEMPLATES_RESTRICT_USER`` a boolean flag that defaults to
+ ``False``. This flag, if set, will limit the template that
+ a user can access based on his relation to sites trough the global
+ pages permission system. This can be useful in a shared environment.
+ By default a user can access all the DBTs in the system.
+ If this setting is True the current user will only have access
+ to DBTs which are assigned to sites on which he as
+ global page permissions. Otherwise the user will have acess to
+ all DBTs.
+ For example, if the current user has global page permissions for
+ Site1, Site2 and Site3, he will be allowed to edit DBTs which belong
+ to these three sites.

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