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Add page grouping capabilities to django-cms for easier page list management.
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pagetags is a django-cms plugin that allows you to tag django-cms pages. With this functionality and corresponding templatetags in place you can group and list pages by their similarity, used tags and even create tag clouds. It works with django-tagging and django-tagging-ng and comes with autocomplete functionality.


This plugin is based on django-tagging application so it uses the TagInput to associate tags to a page.

In your add:


In your add:

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    url(r'^admin/tagging/autocomplete', include('pagetags.urls')),

To iterate over existing pages based on tags you can use this templatetags:

  • pages_with_tags: this templatetag takes tags as input strings and returns a list of pages that share the same tags. This result list can be ordered alphabetical or chronological using the optional order keyword and also limit the number of result using the optional limit keyword. The tags can be specified exactly as in TagInput field. Usage:

    {% pages_with_tags <"tag1, [tag2, tag3, ...]" | varname> [order chronological|alphabetical] [limit <int>] as <varname> %}
  • pages_similar_with: this templatetag takes a page slug as input and returns a list of pages that shares the same tags with the input page. This templatetag comes with a builtin ordering which will order the result pages after the number of shared tags in descending order. This result list can also be limited using the optional limit keyword. Usage:

    {% pages_similar_with <"pageslug" | varname> [limit <int>] as <varname> %}

Also checkout templatetags in documentation of django-tagging or django-tagging-ng.


Check django-tagging and django-tagging-ng documentation for details about configuration options.

Quick list for django-tagging:


Quick list for django-tagging-ng:



Templatetag usage:

{% load page_tags %}

{% pages_with_tags 'literature, painting' order alphabetical limit 10 as page_list %}
    {% for page in page_list %}
        <li>{{ page }}</li>
    {% endfor %}

{% pages_similar_with 'space_news' limit 5 as pagelist %}
{% for page in pagelist %}
    <li>{{ page }}</li>
    {% endfor %}
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