An entry-point based solution to extend the Django configuration.
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With django-extraconfig it's easy to extend a Django project file. The only function provided by this module is load_extraconfig(entry_point_name, module_name).

extraconfig.load(entry_point_name, module_name)
Loads all uppercase values from the entry point modules into the module with the name module_name overriding any existing values.


At the bottom of your file add:

    import extraconfig
except ImportError:
    extraconfig.load(<entry_point_name>, __name__)

entry_point_name can be any string value but it's a good practice to include the projectname in order to avoid name collisions. For example to load the extra configuration showed below, entry_point_name should be set to "my_project.extraconfig".

Creating an extra configuration

It's easy to create an extra configuration module. The minimal project layout is composed of two files: and the module file. The module will be installed using the file just like any other regular Python module. In order for django-extraconfig to know that this module should be used to override your Django configuration in you must add it in the entry point config.

A minimal file can look like this:

from setuptools import setup

    entry_points = {
        'my_project.extraconfig': 'main = my_extra_config'

Now you can add a file with the settings you want to override:

DEBUG = True

Besides overriding settings you can also extend them by using the _EXTRA_ prefix in front of the usual setting name. If for example you wish to enable debug_toolbar in your development environment you could add:




Installing the extra configuration

Once the extra configuration project is ready you can run:

python develop

This will install the extra configuration module in development mode, meaning you can edit the extra settings and all the changes will be visible without reinstalling it.