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Recipe Blog setup for Advance Custom Fields for WordPress
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Advance Custom Fields Recipe Blog Setup for WordPress

Recipe Blog setup for Advance Custom Fields for WordPress. This is a quite start setup for our WordPress recipe blog theme.


This ACF export contains the custom fields that are common to all recipe blogs. The intent is to have the fields outputted for display in the blog as well as being outputted to the JSON microdata schema for contextual searching of the recipes on Google and other search engines.

The field groups include:

  • Ingredients
  • Instructions
  • Nutrition Information
  • Recipe
  • Video


Install our theme or use your own.

Install your copy of Advance Custom Fields (ACF) for WordPress.

Under 'Tools' in ACF, import this fields setup.

Define the field groups to the custom post types that you have setup or that are defined in our theme.

You're set.

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