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Connect "Fore!" 🏌


Implement the game Connect Four such that the source code of game.js is as short as possible without editing any other files.


Gameplay is as described here:

  • Game board is 6 x 7 (6 rows and 7 columns)
  • Players alternate turns
  • Player 1 is yellow; Player 2 is red
  • The object of the game is to connect 4 same colored discs in a row (down, across, or diagonally)
  • Play continues until a player wins


  • Clicking on the game board will cause the disc to be "dropped" into that column
  • Attempting to place a disc in a column that is full is ignored
  • Upon winning, the string 'WINNER!' must be logged to the console and no further moves can be made
  • No errors are thrown through normal gameplay
  • Must pass all tests
  • Must conform to the ECMAScript 5 specification
  • No external libraries


For development, please install Yarn and run yarn install.

There are several commands (see package.json) which are useful in development:

Command Description
yarn test Runs tests
yarn char-count Returns the number of characters in static/game.js
yarn char-count-min Minifies code and returns the number of characters in the minified version
yarn compare-counts Compares character count between versions of static/game.js
yarn minify Minifies static/game.js
yarn beautify Beautifies static/game.js (makes it more readable)
yarn start Builds and runs server
yarn debug Builds beautified version of JS for debugging and runs server
yarn watch Runs a dev build whenever the file is changed


The test suite consists entirely of integration tests so as not to constrain the implementation in any way. For testing, a simple static file server is stood up and then UI tests are run against the code (see test.js).

Run tests via yarn test.


yarn start will run a server on port 3000 by default and yarn test will use port 3001. To specify a different port, use the PORT environment variable like so:

PORT=3333 yarn test