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RTFSpec – A Spec-like Testing Framework for Clojure

Tests fulfil two main roles in modern software development:

  • Assert that the code work as specified
  • Document what was specified

Some existing tools for Clojure get the first right but I am not satisfied with how any of them perform in the documentation bit. To solve this problem I present yet another testing framework.

RTFSpec tries to apply the vocabulary defined by RFC-2119 , using the imperatives MUST, MUST NOT, SHOULD and SHOULD NOT. I decided to not use MAY and MAY NOT as tests should be deterministic.

A typical example using RTFSpec looks like this:

(use 'rtfspec)

(spec "List Comprehensions"
      (must "return a list applying the given function"
	    (= (list 11 12 13 14 15)
	       (for [a (list 1 2 3 4 5)] (+ 10 a))))

      (must "include elements that are not matched by the :while clause"
		   (for [a (list 1 2 3 4 5) :when (= a (+ 10 a))] a))))

Running this through ant:

<rtfspec failonerror=“true” fork=“true” dir=“${test.clojure-core.dir}/”>
<path refid=“test.dependencies”/>

You have the output:

[rtfspec] ..
[rtfspec]  2 Tests ( 2 Successful 0 Failed 0 Pending 0 Exceptions )

Check the tests included in the source distribution for more info.


For beta

  • Documentation :)
  • Exception stacktraces are being print in wrong order
  • Nice error messages for malformed facts
  • Some way to expect an exception
  • Asserters and matchers

Nice to have

  • Autospec
  • Code coverage
  • Run tests in parallel
  • More smoke tests, tests for core.clj would be lovely
  • Run functions against a domain


A spec framework for Clojure






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