PCAP next generation file format specification
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guyharris Add an if_hardware option, for a description of the interface hardware.
Use "Broadcom NetXtreme" as an example for if_hardware; give more
"friendly name" strings as examples for if_description, and give some
examples of hardware descriptions.

The idea is to, for example, let programs record both the "friendly
name" and hardware description on Windows, and draw a distinction
between them.  This needs to be cleaned up in both libpcap (in a future
version that supplies IDB-style interface information) and Wireshark.
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The pcap Next Generation Capture File Format

This is the GitHub repository for the pcapng file format draft specification. The specification is currently a work-in-progress.

Join the pcapng mailing list to discuss, or view the list archive to view the previous discussions.

The Latest Draft


Some known implementations that read or write the pcapng file format are listed on the wiki.