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PCAP next generation file format specification
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guyharris Change the bit order for the bits in epb_flags.
No software that I know of treats bit 0 as the most-significant bit;
Wireshark, and several other programs, treat it as the least-significant
bit, so changing the spec to match reality is probably more practical
than attempting to change reality to match the spec and, in the process,
rendering existing pcapng files with epb_flags options not readable as

See GitHub issue #57.
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lib Add .travis for autogenerate draft on HTML Aug 25, 2015
Makefile Fix update gh-pages Sep 3, 2015 Rename Github to GitHub (to be consistent with the usage in the spec) Jul 23, 2016
draft-tuexen-opsawg-pcapng.xml Change the bit order for the bits in epb_flags. Mar 2, 2019
rfc2629.dtd Added the DTD Jul 17, 2012
rfc2629.xslt Adding the XSLT transformation needed to create an HTML document Jul 20, 2012


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The pcap Next Generation Capture File Format

This is the GitHub repository for the pcapng file format draft specification. The specification is currently a work-in-progress.

Join the pcapng mailing list to discuss, or view the list archive to view the previous discussions.

The Latest Draft


Some known implementations that read or write the pcapng file format are listed on the wiki.

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