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-# Hikki - minimalistic note-taking tool
+# Hikki
+## Minimalistic Note-taking Tool
-*Hikki* is a simple local wiki based on [Markdown](, [Kate]( and [Webkit](
+*Hikki* is a simple local wiki based on [Markdown][md].
+Notes are written and edited using an embedded [Kate][] editor, and displayed on an embedded [Webkit][] browser. You can switch between editing mode and display mode seamlessly using the toolbar or by using the shortcuts *Alt+1* and *Alt+2*.
+There's no save button in Hikki. Everything is saved automatically and rendered immediately.
+The syntax is standard markdown, with an extension for [[interlinks]]: write something inside \[\[double brackets\]\] to create a link to another note. Clicking on the link will bring you to a newly created (empty) note, that you can then edit.
### Acknowledgments
-This product includes software developed by David Loren Parsons [].
+This product includes software developed by [David Loren Parsons](

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