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PROJECT="kaya" # project name
WDIR=`pwd` # working dir
BASEDIR=${WDIR} # root of translatable sources
echo "Preparing rc files"
# we use simple sorting to make sure the lines do not jump around too much from system to system
find . -name '*.rc' -o -name '*.ui' -o -name '*.kcfg' | sort > ${WDIR}/rcfiles.list
xargs --arg-file=${WDIR}/rcfiles.list extractrc > ${WDIR}/rc.cpp
cd ${WDIR}
echo "Done preparing rc files"
echo "Extracting messages"
# see above on sorting
find . -name '*.rb' | sort > ${WDIR}/infiles.list
echo "rc.cpp" >> ${WDIR}/infiles.list
cd ${WDIR}
xgettext --from-code=UTF-8 -L python -kde -ci18n -ki18n:1 -ki18nc:1c,2 -ki18np:1,2 -ki18ncp:1c,2,3 -ktr2i18n:1 \
-kI18N_NOOP:1 -kI18N_NOOP2:1c,2 -kaliasLocale -kki18n:1 -kki18nc:1c,2 -kki18np:1,2 -kki18ncp:1c,2,3 \
--msgid-bugs-address="${BUGADDR}" \
--files-from=infiles.list -D ${BASEDIR} -D ${WDIR} -o ${PROJECT}.pot || { echo "error while calling xgettext. aborting."; exit 1; }
echo "Done extracting messages"
echo "Merging translations"
catalogs=`find . -name '*.po'`
for cat in $catalogs; do
echo $cat
msgmerge -o $ $cat ${PROJECT}.pot
mv $ $cat
echo "Done merging translations"
echo "Cleaning up"
cd ${WDIR}
rm rcfiles.list
rm infiles.list
rm rc.cpp