A jQuery plugin that makes it really easy to animate arbitrary dom modifications
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jQuery Motion

The jQuery motion plugin makes it easy to animate arbitrarily complex dom manipulation.

For example, let's say you want to move several list items from one unordered list to another - maybe for adding products to a shopping cart. You might write a javascript function with jQuery that looks like this:

function addItemsToShoppingCart(){
  $("#items li.selected").appendTo("#shopping-cart");

Which gets executed when a user pushes a button:


With the jQuery motion plugin, you can make the selected items move gracefully into the shopping cart without having to change your existing dom manipulation code. Using motion it would look like this:

    $("#items li,#shopping-cart li").motion(addItemsToShoppingCart);

Or in a more concise form:

$("#add-to-cart").click($("#items li,#shopping-cart li").withMotion(addItemsToShoppingCart));

In Depth Overview

Motion works by taking a snapshot of the DOM before and after it has been manipulated, keeping track of the positions of all the DOM elements being moved. Using absolute positioning, the DOM elements are then "moved" from their old location to their new location on the page.

Provided Functions

  • motion

    Animate the selected elements using the given DOM manipulation function.

    • arguments:

      • mover - A function that performs some DOM manipulation.
      • speed - The speed of the animation. This can be any value accepted by jQuery.animate. (i.e. "slow", "medium", "fast")
      • callback - A function to call once all animations have
      • spacerClass - A css class to be added to spacer elements.
        Defaults to __spacer__. Spacer elements are used to maintain the size and shape of the original location of an animated dom element while the animation is taking place.
      • maxEffected - The maximum number of elements that should be
        animated. If more than this number of elements are selected, then animations will be turned off. Animating too many elements can slow down the browser. Defaults to 100.

      These arguments can be passed in sequentially like so:

      $(".effected").motion(mover, speed, callback, spacerClass, maxEffected);

      or as a JavaScript object like so:

  • withMotion

    Return a function for use with event handlers that just calls the motion function. This takes all the same arguments as the motion function. For example: