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.. contents::

**Mr. Tid (Graham):** 
Now, gentlemen, we have two basic suggestions for the architectural design of
this residential block, and I thought it better that the architects themselves
demonstrate the particular advantages of their designs. Ah! That's probably the
first architect now. Erm, Mr. Wiggin of Ironside and Malone.

**Mr. Wiggini(John):**
Good morning, gentlemen. This is a model of a 12-storey
block combining classical neo-Georgian features with the efficiencies of modern

read the rest of `Architect's Sketch`_:


Let ``collective.mrwiggin`` be your plone site architect and provide you with
flexibility to structure your sites with the power of portlets. It also provides
you with easy plugin methods you can use to define new layouts now with Plone
3.x and later. [so you dont have to wait for Deco :P /me hides]

Detailed documentation

still to come ... but please feel free to kick my butt if i forget to fill this
space with some useful info.


0.1 - not released

 * initial infrastructure


 * `Rok Garbas` aka garbas

.. _`Architect's Sketch`:
.. _`Rok Garbas`: