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App=castpodder;Multimedia;;;;GPL;Graphical;podcast,multimedia;CastPodder is a podcast receiver. Its goal is to simplify tracking<br>and handling of podcast's to your mp3 player.<br><br>Author: Scott Grayban <>, et alii<br>WWW:<br>;;1384451084;;A podcast receiver written in Python<br>;
App=cbrPager;Graphics;;cbrPager Team;;GPLv3;Graphical;comic,book,viewer;A no-nonsense, simple to use, small viewer for cbr and cbz (comic book archive)<br>files. As it is written in C, the executable is small and fast. It views jpg<br>(or jpeg), gif and png images, and you can zoom in and out.<br> <br>It's main features are:<br> - Simple usage: A navigation bar stays on top of the pages.<br> - It works on any RAR-compressed image archive - normally the extension<br> would be .cbr or .cbz, but other extensions work too.<br> - Advance/backup pages, and go to the begin and end.<br> - Zoom in and zoom out (10% steps) and return to 1:1.<br> - It should manage jpeg (jpg), png and gif images.<br> - A configuration window permits defining a few slightly more advanced<br> tricks:<br> - When advancing go to the top of the next page (or bottom or stay where you<br> are.)<br> - Same possibilities when paging backwards.<br> - Remember the last directory visited on startup, or always start in a<br> defineable directory.<br> - Determine the initial size of the pager.<br> - Define where the navigation bar should be and its orientation.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1389370806;;Viewer for cbr (comic book archive) files<br>;
App=cclive;Multimedia;;cclive Team;;GPLv3;Text;multimedia,player,downloader;cclive is a lightweight command line video extraction tool for Youtube and<br>other similar video websites. It is a rewrite of the clive software in C++<br>with lower system footprint and fewer dependencies.<br><br>cclive is primarily a video download tool but it can also be used along side<br>with video player software, like mplayer, for viewing streamed videos instead<br>of the Adobe flash player.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1392129978;;Lightweight command line video extraction tool<br>;
+App=cdcat;Desktop Utilities;;cdcat Team;;MPL;Graphical;cd,dvd,catalogue;cdcat is a powerful Qt based tool for creating fully searchable offline<br>catalogs of the contents of any arbitrary media. Primarily it is most<br>useful for cataloging CDs, DVDs, and other such removable media. The<br>catalogs can be quickly searched (including across multiple catalogs)<br>with regular expressions, exported as CSV or HTML files, sorted, and<br>statistical information gathered.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1393880143;;Qt based tool for offline CD/DVD/disk catalogs<br>;
App=cdparanoia;Audio;;cdparanoia Team;;Unknown;Text;audio,ripper;Cdparanoia is a Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDDA) Digital Audio Extraction<br>(DAE) tool, commonly known on the net as a 'ripper'. The application is<br>built on top of the Paranoia library, which is doing the real work (the<br>Paranoia source is included in the cdparanoia source distribution).<br>Cdparanoia reads audio from the CDROM directly as data, with no analog step<br>between, and writes the data to a file or pipe in WAV, AIFC, or raw 16 bit<br>linear PCM.<br><br>Cdparanoia is a bit different than most other CDDA extraction tools. It<br>contains few-to-no 'extra' features, concentrating only on the ripping<br>process and knowing as much as possible about the hardware performing it.<br>Cdparanoia will read correct, rock-solid audio data from inexpensive drives<br>prone to misalignment, frame jitter, and loss of streaming during atomic<br>reads. Cdparanoia will also read and repair data from CDs that have been<br>damaged in some way.<br><br>Cdparanoia is easy to use and administrate. It has no compile time<br>configuration, happily autodetecting the CDROM, its type, its interface and<br>other aspects of the ripping process at runtime. A single binary can serve<br>the diverse hardware of the do-it-yourself computer laboratory from Hell.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390402295;;A CDDA extraction tool (also known as ripper)<br>;
App=cdrdao;System Utilities;;cdrdao Team;;GPL;Text;CD,burner;Cdrdao records audio or data CD-R[W]s in disc-at-once (DAO) mode based on<br>textual description of the CD contents (toc-file).<br><br>Among others, cdrdao can handle the bin/cue format commonly used for VCDs<br>or disks with subchannel data.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390402448;;Record CD-R[W]s in disk-at-once mode<br>;
App=chntpw;Security;;chntpw Team;;GPLv2;Text;password,NT;- This is a utility to (re)set the password of any user that has a valid<br> (local) account on your NT system.<br>- You do not need to know the old password to set a new one.<br>- It works offline, that is, you have to shutdown your computer and boot off<br> a floppydisk or CD.<br>- Will detect and offer to unlock locked or disabled out user accounts!<br>- It is also an almost fully functional registry editor!<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390402691;;Utility to set the password and edit registry on Microsoft NT system<br>;

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