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App=darkplaces;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake;Dark Places is a Quake modification I have built over the course of 6 years on<br>and off experimenting, it got somewhat of an overhaul when the Quake engine<br>source code was released, and I began developing a custom OpenGL-only engine<br>for it and other mods, which supports Windows WGL and Linux GLX, and has<br>greatly improved graphics and image quality.<br><br>It can not easily be described, as it is simply an improved Quake, not a total<br>conversion (yet, anyway).<br><br>The realism of shell casings falling to the floor, much improved bullet<br>impacts, 32bit color alpha blended explosions, blood flying everywhere and<br>sticking to the walls...<br><br>Behind the scenes the code has changed a great deal, I was not content with<br>the original QuakeC code, and I have greatly changed the engine while<br>maintaining compatibility with normal quake modifications.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384972246;;Quake engine modification<br>;
App=deadbeef;Audio;;;;GPL;Graphical;music,mp3;DeaDBeeF (as in 0xDEADBEEF) is an audio player.<br><br>Main features:<br>- mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, ape, wv, wav, m4a, mpc, cd audio (and many more)<br>- sid, nsf and lots of other popular chiptune formats<br>- ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, APEv2, xing/info tags support<br>- character set detection for non-unicode id3 tags - supports cp1251 and<br>iso8859-1<br>- unicode tags are fully supported as well (both utf8 and ucs2)<br>- cuesheet (.cue files) support, with charset detection (utf8/cp1251/iso8859-1)<br>- tracker modules like mod, s3m, it, xm, etc<br>- HVSC song length database support for sid<br>- minimize to tray, with scrollwheel volume control<br>- drag and drop, both inside of playlist, and from filemanagers and such<br>- control playback from command line<br>- plugin support bundled with lots of plugins, such as global hotkeys and<br> scrobbler sdk is included<br>- duration calculation is as precise as possible for vbr mp3 files (with and<br>without xing/info tags)<br>- and etc...<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384972503;;Ultimate music player for Unix-like systems<br>;
App=decibel-audio-player;Audio;;;;GPL;Graphical;audio,player;Decibel audio player is a very fast GTK+ audio player<br>with an emphasis on being very clean and user friendly.<br><br>- Utilizes the GStreamer plugins system<br>- Lighter footprint than most audio players<br>- Follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines<br>- Has quite a few plugins of it's own<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384975272;;A fast GTK+ audio player with an clean and user friendly interface<br>;
+App=detox;System Utilities;;;;BSD;Text;filename,change;This is a port of detox, which is a program that renames files to make them<br>easier to work with under Unix and related operating systems. Spaces and<br>various other unsafe characters (such as $) get replaced with _. ISO<br>8859-1 (Latin-1) characters can be replaced as well, as can UTF-8 characters.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384975358;;Removes non-standard characters from filenames<br>;
App=ksnapshot;Graphics;;;;GPL;Graphical;screenshot,picture;KSnapshot is a KDE snapshot tool with many features.<br><br>FEATURES<br>- Save in multiple formats.<br>- Take new shapshot.<br>- Open with... possibility to open snapshot in external editor..<br>- Copy to clipboard.<br>- Several capture modes, including selected region or single window.<br>- Snapshot delay.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384290499;;KDE 4 screen capture program<br>;
App=lostirc;IRC;;;;GPL;Graphical;irc,chat;LostIRC is an IRC client for X, written in C++ using gtkmm as a widget set. <br>The goal of the first stable version, is to make a simple, keyboard <br>controlled IRC application with basic features implemented.<br><br>Key features:<br><br> - Simple and minimal client, where the keyboard can be used almost<br> exclusively<br> - Tab-completion for both nicks and commands <br> - Autojoin servers and set which IRC commands to execute on connect<br> - Multi-server support<br> - DCC SEND support<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384290533;;A simple and minimal IRC client for X<br>;
App=p7zip;Archivers;;;;LGPL;Text;7-Zip,file,packaging;p7zip is a Unix port of 7-Zip, a file archiver with high compression<br>ratio ( with lots of features:<br><br>- 7-Zip is free software distributed under the GNU LGPL<br>- High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression<br> o Unicode file names<br> o Variable dictionary size (up to 4 GB)<br> o Compressing speed: about 1 MB/s on 2 GHz CPU<br> o Decompressing speed: about 10-20 MB/s on 2 GHz CPU<br>- Supported formats:<br> o Packing / unpacking: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR<br> o Unpacking only: RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB<br> and NSIS<br>- For ZIP and GZIP formats 7-Zip provides compression ratio that is<br> 2-10 % better than ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip<br>- Self-extracting capability for 7z format<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384971141;;File archiver with high compression ratio<br>;

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