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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ App=ClamAV;security;;garga@FreeBSD
App=Conky;System Utilities;;The Conky Team;;GPL;Graphical;monitor;Conky is an advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384967496;;An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X<br>;
App=Connectagram;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,words,educational;Connectagram is a word unscrambling game. The board consists of several<br>scrambled words that are joined together. You can choose the length of the<br>words, the amount of words, and the pattern that the words are arranged in.<br><br>The game provides a hint option for times when you are stuck, and features an<br>online word lookup that fetches the definitions of each word from<br>Your current progress is automatically saved.<br><br>Note that this game involves a large and varied word list, some of which may be<br>considered inappropriate for children. You can edit the file containing the<br>word list if you wish to remove words from your game. The location of this file<br>varies by platform.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384972115;;Word unscrambling game<br>;
App=Cooledit;Editors;;;;GPL;Graphical;text,editor,development;Cooledit is a suite of programs consisting of the following:<br> - cooledit - a GUI based editor which allows you to call external programs<br> (for instance LaTeX on a LaTeX file)<br> - smalledit - a stripped down version of cooledit <br> - coolman - a man page browser<br>;;1384966676;;Suite of utilities, including a GUI editor<br>;
+App=Crank;Security;;;;GPL;Text;security,algorithm;Crank is short for CRyptANalysis toolKit, and its overall purpose is toprovide a powerful and extensible environment for solving classical(pen-and-paper) ciphers, providing as much automation as possible. Classicalciphers include common schemes like monoalphabetic substitutions, where eachletter of the alphabet is mapped to another (usually different) letterconsistently through the text. The first version of Crank is restrictingitself to these special ciphers. Other algorithms forever devoid of Crank'sattentions include Enigma, RSA, DES, MurkelFish, or anything else inventedafter 1900. They're hard(er).;;1385486102;;CRyptANalysis toolKit;
App=Cretan-Hubris;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,puzzle;You are the master architect Daedalus. You have just finished building<br>the Labyrinth a massive, elaborate maze on the Isle of Crete.<br><br>Unfortunately, boasts about your accomplishment have drawn the wrath of jealous<br>gods. They have sent a burning energy wave rippling through your creation...<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384969271;;Maze on the Isle of Crete<br>;
App=DOSBox;Emulators;;DOSBox Team;;GPL;Text;DOS,emulator;DOSBox is an emulator of a PC with dos.<br>The main focus of this project is emulating old dos games using the<br>local file system for files.<br><br>Currently emulated is:<br><br>o CPU:286/386 realmode/pmode<br>o GFX:VGA/EGS/CGA/SVGA/VESA<br>o SND:PC-Speaker/Tandy 3-Voice/Adlib/SoundBlaster<br>o MSC:Keyboard/Mouse<br>o DOS:Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384980772;;Emulator of a PC with DOS<br>;
App=DarwinStreamingServer;Network;;;;APSL;Server;server,quicktime,rtp,rtsp;Darwin Streaming Server is server technology which allows you to send<br>streaming QuickTime data to clients across the Internet using the industry<br>standard RTP and RTSP protocols. It is based on the same code as Apple's<br>QuickTime Streaming Server.<br><br>WWW:<br>WWW:<br>;;1384972330;;Darwin Streaming Server, a MP3, MPEG4, and QuickTime streaming server<br>;

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