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@@ -284,6 +284,7 @@ App=freedink;Games;;shurd@sasktel
App=freedroidrpg;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,RPG,action,diablo;The Freedroid RPG is an extension/modification of the classical Freedroid <br>engine into an RPG. The main differences to the classical version are as <br>follows: <br><br>- The Tux is the main character of the rpg.<br>- The game uses isometric viewpoint and animated pre-rendered 3d character <br> models for all characters inside the game.<br>- Dialogs and chatting with friendly droids and humans:<br> Multiple-choice menus and voice samples (with subtitles for those<br> without sound). <br>- There is an item and inventory system that is modeled after some <br> popular standards of the industry :)<br>- An automap feature was added. (this is currently a bit unmaintained<br> since part of the code needs to be re-written for proper OpenGL<br> support in the automap display)<br>- Saving and loading of games.<br>- Shops to trade things and skills to learn.<br>- Controls are different: Mouse is the input method of choice.<br>- This is a graphically intense game. Therefore the archive size is<br> comparably -huge- and not suitable for modem downloads with a dialup<br> connection. <br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385069829;;Modification of the classical Freedroid engine into an RPG<br>;
App=fyre;Graphics;;;;GPL;Graphical;graphics,mapping;Fyre provides a rendering of the Peter de Jong map, with an interactive<br>GTK+ 2 frontend and a command line interface for easy and efficient<br>rendering of high-resolution, high quality images.<br><br>This program was previously known as 'de Jong Explorer', but has been<br>renamed to make way for supporting other chaotic functions.<br><br>All the images you can create with this program are based on the simple<br>Peter de Jong map equations:<br><br> x' = sin(a - y) - cos(b - x)<br> y' = sin(c - x) - cos(d - y)<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385130486;;Chaos map rendering system with GTK+-2 interface<br>;
App=galculator;Math;;;;GPL;Graphical;calculator,math;galculator is a GTK2-based scientific calculator with ordinary<br>notation/reverse polish notation, different number bases (DEC, HEX,<br>OCT, BIN) and different units of angular measure (DEG, RAD, GRAD).<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385130539;;GTK-based scientific calculator<br>;
+App=ganyremote;Desktop Utilities;;;;GPL;Graphical;bluetooth,remote,cellphone;The overall goal of this project is to provide remote control service on Linux<br>through Bluetooth, InfraRed, Wi-Fi or just TCP/IP connection.<br><br>anyRemote supports wide range of modern cell phones like Nokia, SonyEricsson,<br>Motorola and others.<br><br>It was developed as thin communication layer between Bluetooth (or IR, Wi-Fi)<br>capabled phone and UNIX, and in principle could be configured to manage almost<br>any software.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385130644;;GNOME frontend for anyRemote<br>;
App=ksnapshot;Graphics;;;;GPL;Graphical;screenshot,picture;KSnapshot is a KDE snapshot tool with many features.<br><br>FEATURES<br>- Save in multiple formats.<br>- Take new shapshot.<br>- Open with... possibility to open snapshot in external editor..<br>- Copy to clipboard.<br>- Several capture modes, including selected region or single window.<br>- Snapshot delay.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384290499;;KDE 4 screen capture program<br>;
App=lostirc;IRC;;;;GPL;Graphical;irc,chat;LostIRC is an IRC client for X, written in C++ using gtkmm as a widget set. <br>The goal of the first stable version, is to make a simple, keyboard <br>controlled IRC application with basic features implemented.<br><br>Key features:<br><br> - Simple and minimal client, where the keyboard can be used almost<br> exclusively<br> - Tab-completion for both nicks and commands <br> - Autojoin servers and set which IRC commands to execute on connect<br> - Multi-server support<br> - DCC SEND support<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384290533;;A simple and minimal IRC client for X<br>;
App=oneko-sakura;Games;;;;Unknown;Graphical;game,toy;The program oneko creates a cute cat chasing around your mouse cursor.<br><br>patchlevel<br>Added bitmaps of Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji<br>who are characters in a comic strip CARDCAPTOR SAKURA (CLAMP, Kodansha),<br>with the sanction indicated in<br>CLAMP-NET.COM (<br><br>Modified to support -name, -towindow, -toname and -tofocus.<br><br>by Kiichiroh Mukose <>,<br>WWW:<br><br>This port maintainer is: HOTARU-YA <><br>;;1384982359;;A cat, Sakura or Tomoyo chasing a mouse all over the screen<br>;

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