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@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ App=Tracker;System Utilities;;gnom
App=TrainDirector;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,simulation,train;Train Director is a clone of the popular Train Dispatcher simulation<br>software.<br><br>With Train Director you can simulate the work of the Centralized<br>Traffic Control by controlling the movement of trains by throwing<br>switches and clearing signals. You can also create your own territories<br>with the included track layout editor.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384393226;;Train controller simulation<br>;
App=Trigger;Games;;Trigger Dev Team;;GPL;Graphical;game,race;Trigger is a free rally car racing game. Fun for all the family! You<br>race a sequence of 6 courses, with increasing levels of difficulty.<br><br>Trigger is highly customisable, and it's easy to add new levels and<br>vehicles.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384393260;;Rally car racing game<br>;
App=TuxPaint;Games;;Tux4Kids Project;;GPL;Graphical;tux,kids,game,paint,educational;Tux Paint is a free drawing program designed for young children (kids ages 3<br>and up). It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an<br>encouraging cartoon mascot who helps guide children as they use the program.<br>It provides a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help your child<br>be creative.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384393396;;Drawing program designed for young children<br>;
+App=TwinD;Games;;Keith Frampton;;GPL;Graphical;game,arcade,puzzle;The object of the game is to remove all of the blocks from the screen<br>before the time runs out. Two blocks are removed at a time,<br>and must be of the same color. After completing a level,<br>you will be rewarded with a bonus point for every tick left on the clock.<br>For each level thereafter, the time to complete the the level will be shorter.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384393421;;Match and remove all of the blocks before time runs out<br>;
App=UFO Alien Invasion;Games;;The UFOAI Team;;GPL;Graphical;game,tactical,strategy,RTS;UFO ALIEN INVASION is a strategy game featuring tactical combat against hostilealien forces which are about to infiltrate earth at this very moment. You arein command of a small special unit which has been founded to face the alienstrike force. To be successful on the long run, you will also have to have aresearch team study the aliens and their technologies in order to learn as muchas possible about their technology, their goals and the aliens themselves.;;1384385733;;A strategy game featuring tactical combat;
App=Valgrind;Development;;The Valgrind Team;;GPL;Text;debug,profile;Valgrind is a system for debugging and profiling un*x programs. With the toolsthat come with Valgrind, you can automatically detect many memory managementand threading bugs, avoiding hours of frustrating bug-hunting, making yourprograms more stable. You can also perform detailed profiling, to speed up andreduce memory use of your programs.The Valgrind distribution includes five tools: two memory error detectors, athread error detector, a cache profiler and a heap profiler. Several othertools have been built with Valgrind.;;1384383983;;Memory debugging and profiling tool;
App=Valknut;Network - P2P;;Valknut Team;;GPL;Graphical;Direct,connect;This is a QT frontend to the Direct Connect system. It supports<br>many of the DC features.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384383690;;A Direct Connect client QT GUI<br>;

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