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@@ -167,6 +167,43 @@ gdesklets:amd64:0.36.2_1_01:b61a1433207043d50306ebc94b8952aa9eaf8fa606ed758f1e2d
geany:amd64:1.23.1:fabdb56d20da103bcbd4add30e0bc853025d4357156e753f7e416435aec52001:20131104 054830:/PBI/devel/geany/10/x64/geany-1.23.1-amd64.pbi:1385149440::current:133599:
gedit:amd64:2.30.4_2_01:fe01da5b232b50ed24b9ff35e50983f8c80c54917872f36815f795712b2938e3:20131110 093415:/PBI/editors/gedit/10/x64/gedit-2.30.4_2_01-amd64.pbi:1385149652::current:196106:
geeqie:amd64:1.1_1:5d45e609667e4c7c2523faa25958baadef7f1958d285d204097e86eb4017a0fe:20131103 013619:/PBI/graphics/geeqie/10/x64/geeqie-1.1_1-amd64.pbi:1385567976::current:132964:
+genius:amd64:1.0.12_1_01:038abe57737812ca9b40791831ad5185b9677b9b18af6f598dd8e16116088f0b:20131125 225225:/PBI/deskutils/genius/10/x64/genius-1.0.12_1_01-amd64.pbi:1385582613::current:167030:
+geoid:amd64:1.0_6_01:6d71630292ced1aba57ad7e87816c32801850dce70a0a7a402a93a16a82c80e5:20131126 001208:/PBI/comms/geoid/10/x64/geoid-1.0_6_01-amd64.pbi:1385582662::current:17296:
+get_iplayer:amd64:2.83_2_01:782778f5e780765f2e5f7681cbb52670394ed165688335d7fdac1fa1ef332c67:20131109 085556:/PBI/net/get_iplayer/10/x64/get_iplayer-2.83_2_01-amd64.pbi:1385582687::current:30488:
+gforth:amd64:0.7.2_01:fa4ecb586a04ea9145932374ed72a965d7ceea97adc12ac768f0f6256373b63a:20131124 214445:/PBI/lang/gforth/10/x64/gforth-0.7.2_01-amd64.pbi:1385582944::current:69171:
+ggz-gtk-games:amd64: 060926:/PBI/games/ggz-gtk-games/10/x64/ggz-gtk-games-
+ghc:amd64:7.6.3_1_01:dac045bc392f4bf37daaa87685942c1009a2b5c2fa5d4ac2ad48dd20a0601171:20131124 215508:/PBI/lang/ghc/10/x64/ghc-7.6.3_1_01-amd64.pbi:1385583013::current:220570:
+giggle:amd64:0.5_3:172535da1ec7f620130458ee7ceff921495a2d2f7ce64c4000941ca3a1ebde39:20131104 055016:/PBI/devel/giggle/10/x64/giggle-0.5_3-amd64.pbi:1385583036::current:204558:
+gigolo:amd64:0.4.1_1_01:0a6b5da0742a808fc3e26565b22c5d90479fe587012a2920aba198682d160203:20131109 063603:/PBI/sysutils/gigolo/10/x64/gigolo-0.4.1_1_01-amd64.pbi:1385583081::current:300623:
+gimmix:amd64: 160530:/PBI/audio/gimmix/10/x64/gimmix-
+git:amd64: 193927:/PBI/devel/git/10/x64/git-
+gl-117:amd64:1.3.2_8_01:a18a970b6a2e0202127c25cdb92d5e712ca9557f3caf0b60e30c7070b8038ac3:20131110 060323:/PBI/games/gl-117/10/x64/gl-117-1.3.2_8_01-amd64.pbi:1385583179::current:16396:
+gmrun:amd64:0.9.2_10_01:561ccf8a85557c2cb80e0c1f8c38b526feb6f4aa3a2d67c15c3c14a3df7128b5:20131109 033650:/PBI/x11/gmrun/10/x64/gmrun-0.9.2_10_01-amd64.pbi:1385583211::current:127966:
+gnat-aux:amd64:20130412_1_01:261f618c7a628b1c148edfab83ddbdae24e4b68d32155be8514bd4e64f4f1f2d:20131124 214348:/PBI/lang/gnat-aux/10/x64/gnat-aux-20130412_1_01-amd64.pbi:1385583244::current:71092:
+gnome-media:amd64:2.32.0_4_01:a98e7503638ab6157b6b56c60838a646fdb460c29caf09c814abb37d6afbe000:20131110 155947:/PBI/audio/gnome-media/10/x64/gnome-media-2.32.0_4_01-amd64.pbi:1385583270::current:223137:
+gnomemplayer:amd64:1.0.8_1_02:d2f967ee6f6088611461d08ad4ba20cbab30a5606f1854144d1ec6a3236d7f5d:20131124 170634:/PBI/multimedia/gnome-mplayer/10/x64/gnomemplayer-1.0.8_1_02-amd64.pbi:1385583322::current:162034:
+gns3:amd64: 154245:/PBI/emulators/gns3/10/x64/gns3-
+gnucash:amd64:2.4.13_1:eba1b4b9471f56ed040df486f90f240ec6a3b8f0f8d4012b74ec88bed1817222:20131103 041307:/PBI/finance/gnucash/10/x64/gnucash-2.4.13_1-amd64.pbi:1385583405::current:354308:
+gnudoku:amd64:0.93_6_1:33922197c03ccf12536ca7e0a593421cee67b9e029777bceef4491088b5f192c:20131110 054222:/PBI/games/gnudoku/10/x64/gnudoku-0.93_6_1-amd64.pbi:1385583446::current:141799:
+gnumeric:amd64:1.12.3_01:a84551e21a022b546a7a8cacc91ad77f2383e7b210aeeee0a30df960cfbc9585:20131124 203224:/PBI/math/gnumeric/10/x64/gnumeric-1.12.3_01-amd64.pbi:1385583475::current:201999:
+gnuplot:amd64:4.6.3_2_01:9ed7a41c29a79a93fc5731b795a4b8b469a7fd0d662c363c9c9323259a3d9acc:20131124 200532:/PBI/math/gnuplot/10/x64/gnuplot-4.6.3_2_01-amd64.pbi:1385583508::current:388620:
+gonvert:amd64:0.2.34_1:723d4e76505fd7c971bea9dde9d0606370f09b083793f4be0911b72038874b45:20131124 191429:/PBI/misc/gonvert/10/x64/gonvert-0.2.34_1-amd64.pbi:1385584133::current:134880:
+goonies:amd64:1.0.1_8_01:85dec22a84b9540ba998465a7040e8ad49c41b9fb94f8e99c65d5997941e6641:20131110 053552:/PBI/games/goonies/10/x64/goonies-1.0.1_8_01-amd64.pbi:1385584232::current:58926:
+gorilla:amd64: 072414:/PBI/security/gorilla/10/x64/gorilla-
+gottet:amd64:1.0.5_01:120041db6feb33b6b42df19ad534780623556e11af4c6637ac929a08940a0334:20131110 053341:/PBI/games/gottet/10/x64/gottet-1.0.5_01-amd64.pbi:1385584348::current:124763:
+gpicview:amd64:0.2.3_1:f052cd2b28830ee7e955e775e29c3f02e343250a5f94a7102d3711d2acea70d0:20131109 194924:/PBI/graphics/gpicview/10/x64/gpicview-0.2.3_1-amd64.pbi:1385584473::current:128218:
+gpredict:amd64:1.3_01:4a80a6bef656823faefa048519ac42047866d31ca22111581328667173f7eeac:20131126 001536:/PBI/comms/gpredict/10/x64/gpredict-1.3_01-amd64.pbi:1385584503::current:147049:
+gqmpeg:amd64:0.91.1_12_01:17bb258b8d14c3577662fb2fbf2f9a87a2fcee2a0df600bf4e6dd6c926d884be:20131110 154547:/PBI/audio/gqmpeg-devel/10/x64/gqmpeg-0.91.1_12_01-amd64.pbi:1385584527::current:136548:
+gqview:amd64:2.0.4_13_1:4865d95a4d272386e12cf059cdd5fa352f86f7f907f6ad470326b1361fee0d1d:20131109 194316:/PBI/graphics/gqview/10/x64/gqview-2.0.4_13_1-amd64.pbi:1385584567::current:128475:
+grabc:amd64:1.1_4_01:6238e7ca9c631cf5d58f3db9e728df46bb0047862f879130b90a8fd6767c2b02:20131109 033043:/PBI/x11/grabc/10/x64/grabc-1.1_4_01-amd64.pbi:1385584597::current:9480:
+grace:amd64:5.1.23_2_01:7ec6f4e87abc9587a990fcf39e296f02bb6a518d885a1c941895687e4854083e:20131124 194606:/PBI/math/grace/10/x64/grace-5.1.23_2_01-amd64.pbi:1385584625::current:118229:
+gramps:amd64:3.3.0_2_02:bd89d4350d6e59ff4db8fc350fa8e510a5d9488e5c2eb1cd63d616188985aab6:20131102 210657:/PBI/science/gramps/10/x64/gramps-3.3.0_2_02-amd64.pbi:1385584672::current:433450:
+graveman:amd64: 062408:/PBI/sysutils/graveman/10/x64/graveman-
+grdesktop:amd64:0.23_12_01:767dd385e11396a545058fb8ea6ee8e7d698cd9690cf05eea2587fffdc3d458b:20131109 090504:/PBI/net/grdesktop/10/x64/grdesktop-0.23_12_01-amd64.pbi:1385584780::current:323424:
+gretl:amd64:1.9.13_01:fefea1732e10254391379dcafdf71056361ef6603c919fb894667ae55c6129a4:20131124 195609:/PBI/math/gretl/10/x64/gretl-1.9.13_01-amd64.pbi:1385584840::current:482125:
+griffith:amd64:0.13_01:bf28fed0fc32afc6f0a18ef38274cf79dd26bcc050e4f626de3da094726f808d:20131125 224338:/PBI/deskutils/griffith/10/x64/griffith-0.13_01-amd64.pbi:1385585049::current:162162:
+grip:amd64:3.3.1_6_01:ca28b047f8ff1fecb35f4ad00c897015de19991e1f909be14f1c3c06abfea79d:20131110 155148:/PBI/audio/grip/10/x64/grip-3.3.1_6_01-amd64.pbi:1385585082::current:333426:
+grisbi:amd64:0.8.9_2:489ebe6859273226333f71191f08b486c1d42cc83e9a94ca0f41ec7973711f9d:20131125 150344:/PBI/finance/grisbi/10/x64/grisbi-0.8.9_2-amd64.pbi:1385585120::current:151404:
haskellplatform:amd64:2013.2.0.0_1:8eab4213909bd8e05474634c3d089726337a78e96c76fe0b76b22e29a9e0256f:20131125 195243:/PBI/devel/hs-haskell-platform/10/x64/haskellplatform-2013.2.0.0_1-amd64.pbi:1385482312::current:262713:
hex-a-hop:amd64:1.1.0_2_01:c0559500f45b58ae463a576afaee0ddb99df7562cdfb9bef5291acc7c53b42b8:20131110 050912:/PBI/games/hex-a-hop/10/x64/hex-a-hop-1.1.0_2_01-amd64.pbi:1385482374::current:57258:
hexalate:amd64:1.0.2_01:18ac5ac7d9262cb031f8497293b188fb53288538c125d641a556d445d6f0cf27:20131110 051134:/PBI/games/hexalate/10/x64/hexalate-1.0.2_01-amd64.pbi:1385482423::current:123991:
37 update/pbi-meta-10
@@ -80,7 +80,25 @@ App=Fuel;Development;;Kostas Karaniko
App=Fuse;Emulators;;Fuse emulation Devs;;GPL;Graphical;ZX,spectrum;fuse is a free version of a ZX Spectrum emulator. It emulates<br>the 48K/128K/+2/+2A/+3 Speccy and Timex TC2048 machine, supports<br>loading from .tzx files, has sound and kempston joystick emulation,<br>and emulates various printers you could attach to the Spectrum.<br>It supports the new RZX input recording file format.<br><br>Author: Philip Kendall <><br>WWW:<br>;;1385130390;;Free Unix (Sinclair ZX-)Spectrum Emulator<br>;
App=GCC;Languages;;GCC Team;;GPL;Text;gcc,compiler;GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, supports a number of languages. This<br>port installs the C, C++, Fortran and Java front ends as gcc46, g++46,<br>gfortran46, and gcj46, respectively.<br><br>It can be used interchangibly with the lang/gcc46 port which tracks<br>weekly upstream snapshots whereas this port will be updated less<br>frequently, mostly in sync with upstream releases, and will move to<br>lang/gcc47 and later over time.<br><br>WWW:<br><br>Gerald Pfeifer <><br>;;1385567900;;GNU Compiler Collection 4.6<br>;
App=GCstar;Miscellaneous;;;;GPL;Graphical;collections,management,organization;GCstar is a free open source application for managing your collections.<br>Detailed information on each item can be automatically retrieved from<br>the internet and you can store additional data, such as the location<br>or who you've lent it to. You may also search and filter your collection<br>by many criteria.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385148810;;Open source application for managing your collections<br>;
+App=GEOID;Communications;;Dave Freese, W1HKJ;;GPL;Graphical;geodetic,latitude,longitude,coordinates;Geodetic computer for amateur radio use.<br> <br>Converts Lat / Lon to Maidenhead Grid Square and reverse<br>Computes range in kilometers and great circle bearing between<br>QTH and remote site specified by Lat/Lon or Maidenhead Grid Square<br>Computes range in kilometers and great circle bearing between QTH and<br>a site selected from a database list for all known callsign prefixes<br>and their geographic position. Geographic position is by major city.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385582659;;Geodetic computer for amateur radio use<br>;
+App=GHC;Languages;;GHC Team;;BSD;Text;haskell,compiler,programming;The Glasgow Haskell Compiler is a state-of-the-art, open source, compiler and<br>interactive environment for the functional language Haskell. Highlights:<br><br> - Supports the entire Haskell 2010 language plus a wide variety of<br> extensions.<br> - Has particularly good support for concurrency and parallelism, including<br> support for Software Transactional Memory (STM).<br> - Generates fast code, particularly for concurrent programs.<br> - Works on several platforms including FreeBSD, Windows, Mac, Linux, most<br> varieties of Unix, and several different processor architectures.<br> - Has extensive optimisation capabilities, including inter-module optimisation.<br> - Compiles Haskell code either directly to native code or using LLVM as a<br> back-end. It can also generate C code as an intermediate target for porting<br> to new platforms. The interactive environment compiles Haskell to bytecode,<br> and supports execution of mixed bytecode/compiled programs.<br> - Profiling is supported, both by time/allocation and various kinds of heap<br> profiling.<br> - Comes with several libraries, and thousands more are available on Hackage.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583005;;Compiler for the functional language Haskell<br>;
+App=GIT;Development;;GIT Team;;GPL;Text;git,svn,revision;Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to<br>handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583148;;Distributed source code management tool<br>;
+App=GNS3;Emulators;;GNS3 Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;emulator,ios,cisco;Graphical Cisco network simulator using Dynamips, Dynagen and Pemu.<br>Important notice: users have to provide their own Cisco IOS/IPS/PIX/ASA/JunOS<br>to use with GNS3.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583351;;Graphical Cisco network simulator<br>;
+App=GPicView;Graphics;;;;GPL;Graphical;graphics,viewer;GPicView - A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X<br><br>Features:<br> - Extremely lightweight and fast with low memory usage<br> - Very suitable for default image viewer of desktop system<br> - Simple and intuitive interface<br> - Minimal lib dependency: Only pure GTK+ is used<br> - Desktop independent: Doesn't require any specific desktop environment<br> - Open source, licensed under GNU GPL<br><br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584469;;Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X<br>;
+App=GQmpeg;Audio;;;;GPL;Graphical;audio,player,winamp;A GTK-based mp3 front-end. Uses mpg123 for decoding and supports<br>winamp themes.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584523;;Another gtk-based MP3 frontend<br>;
App=Geeqie;Graphics;;The Geeqie Team;;GPL;Graphical;graphics,viewer;Geeqie is a lightweight Gtk+ based image viewer for Unix operating systems. Main features o EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata browsing and editing. o Interoperability, easy integration with other software. o geeqie works on files and directories, there is no need to import images. o Fast preview for many raw image formats. o Tools for image comparison, sorting and managing photo collection.History Geeqie has been forked from gqview project, because it was not possible to contact gqview author and the only maintainer. Geeqie projects goal is to move the development forward and also integrate the existing patches. ;;1385568069;;Lightweight image viewer forked from GQview;
+App=Gforth;Languages;;Gforth Team;;GPL;Text;compiler,forth;Gforth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANS Forth<br>language. It works nicely with the Emacs editor, offers some nice<br>features such as input completion and history and a powerful locals<br>facility, and it even has a manual. Gforth employs traditional<br>implementation techniques: its inner innerpreter is indirect or<br>direct threaded.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385582941;;Fast and portable Forth system<br>;
+App=Giggle;Development;;;;GPL;Graphical;GIT,graphical,development;Giggle is a graphical frontend for the git <br>directory tracker (think of gitk on GTK+).<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583032;;GTK+ frontend for git version control system<br>;
+App=Gigolo;System Utilities;;;;GPL;Graphical;system,filesystem,remote,connection;Gigolo is a frontend to easily manage connections to local and<br>remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs. It allows you to<br>quickly connect/mount a remote filesystem and manage bookmarks of such.<br><br>It is part of the Xfce Goodies project and the Subversion respository<br>is hosted on the Xfce servers though it does not have any hard<br>Xfce dependencies and can be used on other desktop environments as well.<br>The only hard dependency is GTK2.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583073;;Frontend to easily manage filesystem connections<br>;
+App=GnomeMPlayer;Multimedia;;GnomeMPlayer Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;media,player,audio;GNOME MPlayer is a simple GUI for MPlayer. It is intended to be a nice tight<br>player and provide a simple and clean interface to MPlayer. GNOME MPlayer has<br>a rich API that is exposed via DBus. Using DBus you can control a single or<br>multiple instances of GNOME MPlayer from a single command.<br><br>The player can be used to play media on websites<br>when used with Gecko Mediaplayer <br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583318;;GNOME frontend for MPlayer<br>;
+App=Gnumeric;Math;;Gnumeric Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;excel,spreadsheet;The GNOME 2 spreadsheet.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583471;;GNOME spreadsheet program<br>;
+App=Gonvert;Miscellaneous;;Gonvert Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;convert,units;gonvert is a conversion utility that allows conversion between many units<br>like CGS, Ancient, Imperial with many categories like length, mass, numbers,<br>etc. All units converted values shown at once as you type. Easy to add/change<br>your own units.<br><br>Features:<br><br> - 51 categories, 981 units. See the entire list here.<br> - All units converted values shown at once as you type.<br> - Descriptions for many units.<br> - Sort by Unit Name, Value, or Unit symbol.<br> - Find Units.<br> - Fully OPEN source so that you can add your own custom calculations<br> and descriptions.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584127;;Conversion utility that allows conversion between many units<br>;
+App=Goonies;Games;;;;Unknown;Graphical;game,arcade;Welcome to the Brain Games remake of the 8 bit classic game 'The<br>Goonies'. This game was made by Konami in 1986. There were both a<br>NES version and an MSX version of the game this remake is based<br>on the MSX version.<br><br>This remake was made for the 2006 competition organized by Retro<br>Remakes. After having participated in 2003 (with Road Fighter, which<br>finished on the 7th place out of 83 entries), and in 2004 (with F-1<br>Spirit, gaining the 13th place amongst the 73 contestants), we<br>decided to give another go at the first prize! And, who knows....<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584229;;Remake of the 8 bit classic game 'The Goonies'<br>;
+App=Gpredict;Communications;;Gpredict Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;satellite,tracking,prediction;Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program<br>written using the Gtk+ widgets. Gpredict is targetted mainly towards ham<br>radio operators but others interested in satellite tracking may find it<br>useful as well. Gpredict uses the SGP4/SDP4 algorithms, which are<br>compatible with the NORAD Keplerian elements.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584499;;Amateur Radio satellite tracking and prediction<br>;
+App=Grace;Math;;Grace Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;plotting,xmgrace;Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System and M-tif,<br>successor of ACE/gr (Xmgr). A few of its features are:<br><br> - User defined scaling, tick marks, labels, symbols, line styles,<br> colors.<br> - Batch mode for unattended plotting.<br> - Read and write parameters used during a session.<br> - Polynomial regression, splines, running averages, DFT/FFT,<br> cross/auto-correlation.<br> - Exports high-resolution graphics to (E)PS, PDF, MIF, and SVG<br> formats<br> - Supports cross-platform PNM, JPEG and PNG formats<br><br>While grace has a convenient point-and-click interface, most parameter<br>settings and operations are available through a command line interface<br>(found in Data/Commands).<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584621;;Powerful 2D plotting tool (successor of xmgr)<br>;
+App=Gramps;Science;;Gramps Team;;GPL;Graphical;ancestry,geneology;GRAMPS (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System)is an open source genealogy program.To put it shortly, it allows you to store, edit, and research genealogicaldata using your computer. Its functionality is somewhat common to othergenealogical programs. However, GRAMPS offers some unique features.It is written in Python, using the GTK/GNOME interface.;;1385584746;;A GTK/GNOME-based genealogy program;
+App=Graveman;System Utilities;;;;GPL;Graphical;CD,DVD,burner;Another GPL GTK2 frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd and sox!<br>With graveman you can burn audio cd (wav, ogg, mp3), data cd, and duplicate cd.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584702;;Another GTK2 frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd, and sox<br>;
+App=Gretl;Math;;Gretl Team;;GPL;Graphical;regression,econometrics;GNU Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library<br><br>Features<br> - A wide variety of least-squares-based estimators (including two-stage<br> least squares).<br> - Easy, intuitive interface.<br> - Single commands to launch things like augmented Dickey-Fuller test, Chow<br> test for structural stability, Vector Autoregression.<br> - Reads own format ascii data files, Comma Separated Values files, BOX1<br> files, own format binary databases (allowing mixed data frequencies and<br> series lengths) and RATS 4 databases. Includes a US macro database and a<br> perl script to create a database off See also the gretl<br> data page.<br> - Output models as LaTeX files, in tabular or equation format (not very<br> flexible yet).<br> - Integrated scripting language: enter commands either via the gui or via<br> scripts.<br> - Command loop structure for Monte Carlo simulations.<br> - GUI controller for fine-tuning Gnuplot graphs.<br> - Link to GNU R for further data analysis.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584828;;GNU Regression, Econometrics, and Time-series Library<br>;
App=HTTrack;Web;;Xavier Roche;;GPL;Text;web,browser;HTTrack is an easy-to-use offline browser utility. It allows you to download aWorld Wide website from the Internet to a local directory, building recursivelyall directories, getting html, images, and other files from the server to yourcomputer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simplyopen a page of the mirrored website in your browser, and you can browse thesite from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupteddownloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.;;1385482768;;Easy-to-use offline browser utility and website copier;
App=Haskell Platform;Development;;Haskell Platform Team;;BSD;Text;compiler,platform;The Haskell Platform (HP) is the blessed set of libraries and tools on which<br>to build further Haskell libraries and applications. It is intended to<br>provide a comprehensive, stable, and quality-tested base for Haskell projects<br>to work from.<br><br>This version specifies the following additional developer tools be installed,<br>for a system to be in full compliance:<br><br> - cabal-install<br> - alex<br> - happy<br> - haddock<br><br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385482309;;The Haskell Platform<br>;
App=HexChat;IRC;;;;GPL/Shareware;Graphical;irc,xchat;HexChat is an IRC chat program.<br>It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time,<br>talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc.<br><br>HexChat is based on XChat, but unlike XChat it's completely free for both<br>Windows and Unix-like systems. Since XChat is open source, it's perfectly legal.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385482467;;IRC chat program with GTK and Text Frontend<br>;
@@ -349,6 +367,25 @@ App=gdado;Games;;;h
App=gdesklets;gnome;;;;;Text;;gDesklets provides an advanced architecture for desktop applets -- tiny displays<br>sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness.<br><br>Populate your desktop with status meters, icon bars, weather sensors, news<br>tickers... whatever you can imagine! Virtually anything is possible and maybe<br>even available some day.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385149301;;A framework for Gnome 2.x for desktop applets<br>;
App=geany;Development;;;;GPL;Graphical;IDE, C;Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment. It was<br>developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies<br>on other packages. Another goal was to be as independent as possible from a<br>special Desktop Environment like KDE or GNOME.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385149438;;Fast and lightweight GTK+ IDE<br>;
App=gedit;Editors;;;;GPL;Graphical;editor,GNOME,development;gEdit is a Gtk+-2 text editor. Its features include:<br><br> - Complete integration with the GNOME Environment, including GnomeMDI<br> - Global Search and Replace<br> - Dynamically loaded fonts<br> - Splitscreen Mode<br> - Printing support <br> - Configurable Plugins system<br> - Unlimited Undo/Redo<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385149649;;A small but powerful text editor for GNOME 2 Desktop Environment<br>;
+App=genius;Desktop Utilities;;genius Team;;GPLv3;Graphical;math,plotter,calculator;Genius Calculator is a precision calculator for Gnome Desktop Environment.<br><br>Features of Genius:<br><br> - arbitrary precision integers (2-36), multiple precision floats<br> - uses rationals when possible<br> - will calculate and show half calculated expressions if the calculation<br> could not be completed<br> - variables<br> - user functions<br> - variable and function references with C like syntax<br> - anonymous functions<br> - it will add missing parenthesis on the ends of expressions (only in<br> the GUI version)<br> - matrix support<br> - complex numbers<br> - more ...<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385582609;;Arbitrary precision calculator for Gnome Desktop Environment<br>;
+App=get_iplayer;Network;;;;Unknown-Free;Text;iPlayer,BBC,TV;This tool allows you to search, index, and record/stream:<br><br>BBC iPlayer TV - up to 3200 kbps HD 720p H.264 / Quicktime / MP4<br>BBC Live TV - 500 kbps H.264 / MP4<br>BBC iPlayer Radio - up to 192 kbps MP3 / AAC and Realaudio<br>BBC Live Radio - up to 192 kbps MP3 / AAC, WMA and Realaudio<br>BBC Podcasts - up to 192 kbps MP3 / AAC<br>BBC iPlayer TV subtitles - SubRip / srt<br><br>None of the above content is /protected/ by DRM. get_iplayer cannot remove DRM.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385582684;;Search, index, or stream archive video from BBC iPlayer<br>;
+App=ggz-gtk-games;Games;;;;GPL/LGPL;Graphical;game,online,internet;=======================================<br>The GGZ Gaming Zone - GTK+ Game Modules<br>=======================================<br><br>GGZ Gaming Zone GTK+ Game Modules provide the game executables,<br>graphics, and data for a number of popular (and unique) network games.<br>These games are coded for version 2.X of GTK+, but many of them are also<br>available using different graphical interfaces.<br><br>This version of the GTK+ Game Modules (0.0.13) requires version 0.0.13<br>of the ggz-client-libs.<br><br>The GTK+ Game Modules are only one part of the GGZ Gaming Zone<br>client setup. The following additional modules are required:<br> - libggz - provides commonly used functions and low-level<br> communications between client modules and the GGZ servers<br> - ggz-client-libs - provides common procedures and utilites required<br> to run the GGZ client and games<br> - gtk-client/kde-client - one or more of the GGZ clients will be<br> required in order to login to a server, chat and launch games<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385582976;;The GGZ Gaming Zone - GTK+ Games<br>;
+App=gimmix;Audio;;;;GPL;Graphical;mpd,music,audio;Gimmix is a graphical Music player daemon (MPD) client written in C<br>using GTK+2.<br><br>Features:<br>=========<br>- Simple and Clean Interface.<br>- Library Browser.<br>- Library search. (search by artist, album, filename, etc)<br>- Playlist management (manage mpd playlists)<br>- ID3v2 tag editing support.<br>- System tray icon support.<br>- Support for controlling gimmix through Keyboard.<br>- Notification support (Displays the currently playing song in systray).<br>- Small memory footprint.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583106;;Gimmix is a graphical MPD client written in C using GTK+2<br>;
+App=gl-117;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,flight,simulation;GL-117 is an action flight simulator. Enter the Eagle Squadron and succeed in<br>several challanging missions leading though different landscapes. Five<br>predefined levels of video quality and an amount of viewing ranges let you<br>perfectly adjust the game to the performance of your system.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583177;;An OpenGL & SDL action flight simulator<br>;
+App=gmrun;X11;;;;GPL;Graphical;program,starter;gmrun is a very featureful GTK+-2 Run box. Its features include:<br><br> - Tilde completion<br> - Completion for separate words<br> - Cycleable command history<br> - Configuration file in ${PREFIX}/share/gmrun/gmrunrc,<br> which can be copied to ~/.gmrunrc<br> - Can spawn commands in a terminal<br> - Intelligent URL handling<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583207;;A customizable program to run programs, with tab-completion<br>;
+App=gnat-aux;Languages;;gnat-aux Team;;GMGPL;Text;ADA,compiler;GNAT AUX is based on the trunk version of Free Software Foundation's GNU<br>Compiler Collection. It carries with it the GMGPL license, the modified<br>version of the GPL that exempts generic instantiation from resulting in<br>a GPL-licensed executable. This version of GNAT also carries with it the<br>GCC Runtime Library Exception, so the resulting binaries have no licensing<br>requirements. Binaries produced by GNAT AUX should be handled the same as<br>binaries produced by any FSF GNAT compiler.<br><br>GNAT AUX implements the full Ada-83, Ada-95, and Ada-2005 language standards.<br>It also implements some features of the draft Ada-2012 standard, which are<br>optionally accessible via the -gnat2012 switch or Ada_2012 pragma.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583241;;GNAT Ada compiler based on GCC 4.6<br>;
+App=gnome-media;Audio;;;UNKNOWN;GPL;Graphical;gnome,media,mixer;Multimedia applications for the GNOME 2.0 desktop. Includes gnome-cd, a CDDB<br>aware CD player gnome-volume-control, for controlling the sound card's mixer <br>and VU-Meter, to slow down your desktop...<br>;;1385583266;;Multimedia applications for the GNOME 2 desktop<br>;
+App=gnucash;Finance;;;;GPL;Graphical;money,budget,accounting;Gnucash is the next generation of money manager created from a merger of<br>X-Accountant and GnoMoney.<br><br>Its features include:<br><br>- Ability to import Quicken files ( a must ) <br>- Reports, Graphs, and all of those goodies that you find in Quicken. <br>- Gnome compliant ( if that is the correct way to put it ) <br>- Separate the GUI from the actual account/transaction engine <br>- Multiple accounts ( Check, Credit, Cash, Mutual Funds, etc.. ) <br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583397;;Quicken-like money and finance manager<br>;
+App=gnudoku;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,strategy,sudoku;A free program for creating and solving Su Doku puzzles.<br><br>You can use GNUDoku to challenge yourself, to compute solutions,<br>or to verify your own solutions.<br><br>A Su Doku puzzle is a 9x9 grid which must be filled with numbers<br>between 1 and 9 such that each row, column, and 3x3 square contains<br>all 9 numbers.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583442;;A free program for creating and solving Su Doku puzzles<br>;
+App=gnuplot;Math;;gnuplot Team;;GPL;Text;math,plotter;Gnuplot is a portable multi-platform command-line driven graphing utility. It<br>was originally created to allow scientists and students to visualize<br>mathematical functions and data interactively, but has grown to support many<br>non-interactive uses such as web scripting. It is also used as a plotting engine<br>by third-party applications like Octave. Gnuplot has been supported and under<br>active development since 1986.<br><br>Gnuplot supports many types of plots in either 2D or 3D. It can draw using<br>lines, points, boxes, contours, vector fields, surfaces, and various associated<br>text. It also supports various specialized plot types. Gnuplot supports many<br>different types of output: interactive screen terminals (with mouse and hotkey<br>input), direct output to pen plotters or modern printers, and output to many<br>file formats (eps, emf, fig, jpeg, LaTeX, pdf, png, postscript, ...). Gnuplot is<br>easily extensible to include new output modes. Recent additions include<br>interactive terminals based on wxWidgets (usable on multiple platforms), and Qt.<br>Mouseable plots embedded in web pages can be generated using the svg or HTML5<br>canvas terminal drivers.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583500;;Command-line driven graphing utility<br>;
+App=gorilla;Security;;;;GPL;Graphical;password,wallet,manager;Password Gorilla is cross-platform Password Manager. It is <br>compatible with Password Safe from Windows.<br>It uses TCL/Tk and runs on most platforms supported by Tcl/Tk.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584268;;Password Gorilla is a cross-platform Password Manager<br>;
+App=gottet;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;games,puzzle,tetris;Gottet is a tetris clone.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584345;;Tetris clone<br>;
+App=gqview;Graphics;;;;GPL;Graphical;graphics,image,viewer;Another gtk2-based graphic file viewer.<br><br>WWW:<br><br>-Vanilla<br>vanilla@FreeBSD.ORG<br>;;1385584564;;Another gtk2-based graphic file viewer<br>;
+App=grabc;X11;;;;GPL;Text;color,RGB;grabc is s simple but very useful program to determine the color string in hex<br>(or RGB components) by clicking on a pixel on the screen. While web browsing,<br>lots of time you find a nice color and wonder what color is that! Well just<br>use grabc!<br><br>When this program is run, the mouse pointer is grabbed and changed to a cross<br>hair and when the mouse is clicked, the color of the clicked pixel is written<br>to stdout in hex prefixed with #. It will the R, G, B component also in the<br>stderr.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584594;;Grab a color from screen<br>;
+App=grdesktop;Network;;;;GPL;Graphical;remote,desktop;Grdesktop is a GNOME frontend, for the remote desktop client (rdesktop).<br>It can save several connections (including their options), and browse the<br>network for available terminal servers.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385584773;;GNOME frontend for the remote desktop client (rdesktop)<br>;
+App=griffith;Desktop Utilities;;griffith Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;Movie,collection,media;Griffith is a movie collection manager application. Adding items to the<br>movie collection is as quick and easy as typing the film title and<br>selecting a supported source. Griffith will then try to fetch all the<br>related information from the Web.<br><br>Most important features:<br>- Fetches film information from the Internet based on your locale via a<br> plug-in<br>- Integrates well with a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 used by<br> default) to keep tabs on your library<br>- Can backup/restore your database<br>- Exports to CSV, PDF, XML and HTML files<br>- Imports from CSV files<br>- Generates PDF from cover art<br>- Keeps track of your films that are out on loan<br>- Enables you to sort/filter your library<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385585045;;Lightweight film collection manager<br>;
+App=grip;Audio;;;;GPL;Graphical;audio,cd,ripper;Grip is a front-end to external cd audio rippers (such as dagrab or<br>cdda2wav). It also provides an automated frontend for MP3 encoders, letting<br>you take a disc and transform it easily straight into MP3s. The CDDB<br>protocol is supported for retrieving track information from disc database<br>servers. Grip works with DigitalDJ to provide a unified computerized<br>version of your music collection.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385585073;;GTK front-end to external cd rippers and audio encoders<br>;
+App=grisbi;Finance;;grisbi Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;finance,accounting,bank,check,loan,mortgage;Grisbi is a personnal accounting application, written with Gnome and Gtk,<br>and is released under the GPL licence.<br><br>Its aim is to provide you with the most simple and intuitive software for<br>basic use, although it can be very powerful if you spend a little time on the<br>setup.<br><br>Grisbi is an application written by french developpers, so it perfectly<br>respects french accounting rules. Grisbi can manage multiple accounts,<br>currencies and users. It manages third parties, expenditures and receipts<br>categories, and also budgetary lines, financial years, and other information<br>that make Grisbi adapted for associations (except those that require double<br>entry accounting).<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385585115;;Personal accounting application<br>;
App=hex-a-hop;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle;Hex-a-hop is a puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles. There is no time<br>limit and no real-time elements.<br><br>The objective is simply to destroy all the green hexagonal tiles on each<br>of the 100 levels. As you progress through the game, more types of tiles<br>are introduced which make things more difficult and interesting<br>(hopefully).<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385482371;;Puzzle game based on hexagonal tiles<br>;
App=hexalate;Games;;;;GPL;Graphical;game,puzzle,colors;Hexalate is a color matching game. The goal of the game is to rotate<br>and position the circles so that each touching line matches in<br>color. You rotate circles by right clicking, and you move circles<br>by dragging them. The game stores the positions and rotations of<br>the circles across runs.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385482421;;A color matching game<br>;
App=heyu2;Miscellaneous;;heyu2 Team;;Other;Text;command,interface,CM11A;HEYU is a text-based console program for remotely controlling lights and <br>appliances in the home or office. It is made available under a free and open <br>source license.<br><br>Heyu uses the CM11A computer interface to send and receive X10 control signals<br>over the AC power lines to modules which can turn On, Off, or Dim attached<br>lamps or appliances. It can store a schedule of timed events in the CM11A<br>memory for execution when the computer is turned off or disconnected.<br><br>Heyu now supports an optional W800RF32A or MR26A RF receiver connected to a<br>second port as an auxiliary input device for X10 RF signals.<br><br>Heyu can also use an optional CM17A interface to transmit X10 RF signals. <br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385482564;;Control a CM11A interface from the command line<br>;

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