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@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ App=WeeChat;IRC;;FlashCode;http://
App=Which Way Is Up;Games;;Olli Hectigo Etuaho <admin[at]>;;GPL;Graphical;game,platformer,arcade;Which Way Is Up is a traditional and challenging 2D platformer game<br>with a slight rotational twist. Help a mysterious big-eared salaryman<br>named Guy find his keys in a labyrinth of dangers and bad dialogue.<br><br>Author: Olli Hectigo Etuaho <admin[at]><br>WWW:<br>;;1384380017;;Platformer game with rotational twist<br>;
App=Wings;Graphics;;Wings 3D Develpment Team;;BSD;Graphical;mesh,3D,CAD;Wings3D is a OpenSource polygon mesh modeler inspired by Nendo.<br>It allows you to intuitively build a 3D mesh and even assign<br>materials to it.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384380070;;A polygon mesh modeler written in Erlang<br>;
App=Wireshark;Network;;Wireshark Team;;GPL;Graphical;sniffer, capture, tcp, udp, inspection;A network analyzer that lets you capture and interactively browse the<br>contents of packets from a variety of network interface types. Packet data can<br>be read from a file, or live from a local network interface.<br><br>WWW:<br>;YES;1384380131;;Powerful network analyzer/capture tool<br>;
+App=World Of Padman;Games;;The WoP Team;;GPL;Graphical;game,fps,quake;World of Padman (WoP) is an open source first-person shooter computer game<br>available in both English and German. Originally it was a modification for<br>the Quake III Arena titled PadMod, created in the year 2004.<br><br>After the source code for the Quake III Arena was released, the game became<br>standalone. The idea is based on the Padman comic strip for the magazine<br>PlayStation Games, created by the professional cartoon artist Andreas ENTE<br>Endres, who is also the man who made many of the maps included with the game<br>in 1998.<br><br>The current version runs on an enhanced version of the ioquake3 engine, which<br>is based on the Quake III Arena engine. Most of the maps in the game are<br>lilliput style, and have a commercial-quality level of graphic complexity.<br><br>Because it was originally a mod for Quake III Arena, most of the gameplay is<br>similar. However, there is no Capture the Flag mode in World of Padman.<br>World of Padman fully supports bots with a variety of skill levels in both<br>online and offline play for all of the game types included. A single-player<br>mode has not yet been implemented. Players can also record audio and video<br>as they play. The game fully supports modifications, and custom maps can be<br>created.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384380258;;Open source FPS game inspired by the Padman comic strip<br>;
App=X-CD-Roast;System Utilities;;;;GPL;Graphical;CD,DVD,burner,ripper;X-CD-roast is an X11 based CD-burner. You can burn Audio and Data<br>CD-ROMs. It can be used to extract data and audio tracks.<br>You can format CD-RWs, create ISO images, burn ISO images, and many<br>other stuff...<br><br>Note: It uses cdrecord and works only on SCSI drives.<br>;;1384317175;;Another X11 frontend to mkisofs/cdrecord<br>;
App=XASTIR;Communications;;Xastir team Charles Byam KG4IJB;;GPL;Graphical;APRS,trade,tracking;Xastir is an APRS client program that uses amateur radio and internetservices to convey GPS mapping, weather, and positional data in agraphical application. It has been developed by and for amateurradio enthusiasts to provide real-time data in an easy to usepackage.;;1384317358;;X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting;
App=XBill;Games;;;;Unknown;Graphical;game,arcade,toy;xbill is a game for Bill-haters. Ah, the escasy to squish the evil Bill<br>like a bug! :><br><br>WWW:<br>;;1384317405;;Save your computers from the evil clutches of Bill<br>;

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