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App=LinCity-NG;Games;;LinCity-NG Team;;GPL;Graphical;game,simcity;LinCity-NG is a City Simulation Game. It is a polished and improved<br>version of the classic LinCity game. Within the scope of the GoTM project at <br> we have created a new iso-3d graphics engine together with a <br>completely redone and modern gui.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385405697;;Improved rich city simulation game for X<br>;
App=LinPopUp;Network - IM;;;;GPL;Graphical;popup,messages;LinPopUp is a X11 port of Winpopup,<br>running over Samba. It permits to communicate with a<br>windows computer that run Winpopup, sending or receiving<br>message. (It also provides an alternative way <br>to communicate between Linux computers that run Samba). <br>Note that LinPopUp is not only a port, as it includes <br>several enhanced features.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385405735;;X11 port of WinPopup<br>;
App=LuckyBackup;System Utilities;;Loukas Avgeriou;;GPL;Graphical;backup,remote;luckyBackup is a QT4 application that backs-up and synchronizes directoriesusing the power of rsync. It is simple to use, fast (only transfers changesmade), safe, reliable, and fully customizable.;;1385406225;;QT4 frontend to the backup utility rsync;
+App=LyX;Print;;Lyx Team;;GPL;Graphical;text,editor,documents;LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing<br>based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply<br>their appearance (WYSIWYG).<br><br>LyX combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease<br>of use of a graphical interface. This results in world-class support<br>for creation of mathematical content (via a fully integrated equation<br>editor) and structured documents like academic articles, theses,<br>and books. In addition, staples of scientific authoring such as<br>reference list and index creation come standard. But you can also<br>use LyX to create a letter or a novel or a theatre play or film<br>script. A broad array of ready, well-designed document layouts are<br>built in.<br><br>LyX is for people who want their writing to look great, right out<br>of the box. No more endless tinkering with formatting details,<br>finger painting font attributes or futzing around with page<br>boundaries. You just write. On screen, LyX looks like any word<br>processor its printed output - or richly cross-referenced PDF,<br>just as readily produced - looks like nothing else.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385406423;;Document processor interfaced with LaTeX (nearly WYSIWYG)<br>;
App=Lynis;Security;;Michael Boelen;;GPL;Text;audit,scan,antimalware;Lynis is an auditing tool for Unix (specialists). It scans thesystem and available software, to detect security issues. Besidesecurity related information it will also scan for general systeminformation, installed packages and configuration mistakes.This software aims in assisting automated auditing, software patchmanagement, vulnerability and malware scanning of Unix based systems.It can be run without prior installation, so inclusion on read onlystorage is no problem (USB stick, cd/dvd).;;1385406375;;Security and system auditing tool;
App=Lynx;Web;;Lynx Team;;GPL;Text;web,browser;lynx is a program which allows a user to access World-Wide Web servers<br>and other information servers. It uses only ascii representation so<br>that it can be used from ascii-terminals and dialin-lines.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385406387;;Non-graphical, text-based World-Wide Web client<br>;
App=MBROLA;Audio;;;;Custom-Free;Text;audio,speech,synthesizer;This is a binary port of the MBROLA speech synthesizer, which uses<br>a time-domain algorithm with outstanding diphone smoothing<br>capabilities. It requires Linux compatibility.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385147402;;MBROLA speech synthesizer for Linux<br>;

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