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@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ App=Gigolo;System Utilities;;Gigolo
App=Gimp;Graphics;;Gimp Team;;GPL;Graphical;Editing,Red,Eye,Photo,Paint,Image,Picture,PNG,JPG,GIF,Layer;The GIMP is designed to provide an intuitive graphical interface to a<br>variety of image editing operations. Here is a list of the GIMP's <br>major features:<br><br> Image editing<br> -------------<br><br> - Selection tools including rectangle, ellipse, free, fuzzy, bezier <br> and intelligent.<br> - Transformation tools including rotate, scale, shear and flip.<br> - Painting tools including bucket, brush, airbrush, clone, convolve,<br> blend and text.<br> - Effects filters (such as blur, edge detect).<br> - Channel & color operations (such as add, composite, decompose).<br> - Plug-ins which allow for the easy addition of new file formats and<br> new effect filters.<br> - Multiple undo/redo.<br><br>This is The Gimp meta-port, see ports/graphics/gimp-app for more details<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390580793;;The \meta-port\ for The Gimp<br>;
App=Globulation2;Games;;Globulation2 Team;;GPLv3;Graphical;game,rts,strategy;Globulation 2 is an innovative high quality Real-Time Strategy [RTS],<br>which minimizes micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to<br>the units. The player has to choose the number of units he wants for<br>the different tasks, and the units will do their best to satisfy the<br>requests. This allows to manage more units and to focus on the strategy.<br><br>It can be played alone, through your Local Area Network [LAN], or through<br>Internet thanks to Ysagoon Online Game [YOG], a meta-server. It also<br>features a scripting language for versatile gameplay or tutorials and an<br>integrated map editor.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390481375;;Globulation 2, free and innovative strategy game<br>;
App=GnomeMPlayer;Multimedia;;GnomeMPlayer Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;media,player,audio;GNOME MPlayer is a simple GUI for MPlayer. It is intended to be a nice tight<br>player and provide a simple and clean interface to MPlayer. GNOME MPlayer has<br>a rich API that is exposed via DBus. Using DBus you can control a single or<br>multiple instances of GNOME MPlayer from a single command.<br><br>The player can be used to play media on websites<br>when used with Gecko Mediaplayer <br><br>WWW:<br>;;1385583318;;GNOME frontend for MPlayer<br>;
-App=Gnumeric;Math;;Gnumeric Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;excel,spreadsheet;The GNOME 2 spreadsheet.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1392072294;;GNOME spreadsheet program<br>;
+App=Gnumeric;Math;;Gnumeric Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;excel,spreadsheet;The GNOME 2 spreadsheet.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1393868720;;GNOME spreadsheet program<br>;
App=Gonvert;Miscellaneous;;Gonvert Team;;GPLv2;Graphical;convert,units;gonvert is a conversion utility that allows conversion between many units<br>like CGS, Ancient, Imperial with many categories like length, mass, numbers,<br>etc. All units converted values shown at once as you type. Easy to add/change<br>your own units.<br><br>Features:<br><br> - 51 categories, 981 units. See the entire list here.<br> - All units converted values shown at once as you type.<br> - Descriptions for many units.<br> - Sort by Unit Name, Value, or Unit symbol.<br> - Find Units.<br> - Fully OPEN source so that you can add your own custom calculations<br> and descriptions.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390924192;;Conversion utility that allows conversion between many units<br>;
App=Google Earth;Astronomy;;Google Earth Team;;Google Earth Free;Graphical;maps,earth,navigation;The idea is simple. It's a globe that sits inside your PC.<br>You point and zoom to anyplace on the planet that you want to explore.<br>Satellite images and local facts zoom into view.<br>Tap into Google search to show local points of interest and facts.<br>Zoom to a specific address to check out an apartment or hotel.<br>View driving directions and even fly along your route.<br>We invite you to try it now.<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390482380;;Explore, Search, and Discover<br>;
App=Goonies;Games;;Goonies Team;;Unknown;Graphical;game,arcade;Welcome to the Brain Games remake of the 8 bit classic game 'The<br>Goonies'. This game was made by Konami in 1986. There were both a<br>NES version and an MSX version of the game this remake is based<br>on the MSX version.<br><br>This remake was made for the 2006 competition organized by Retro<br>Remakes. After having participated in 2003 (with Road Fighter, which<br>finished on the 7th place out of 83 entries), and in 2004 (with F-1<br>Spirit, gaining the 13th place amongst the 73 contestants), we<br>decided to give another go at the first prize! And, who knows....<br><br>WWW:<br>;;1390482153;;Remake of the 8 bit classic game 'The Goonies'<br>;

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