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Scripts to build PC-BSD world / kernel / ISO files
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Scripts to build PC-BSD world / kernel / ISO files

This program will do the compile of a FreeBSD world / kernel, fetch packages from the PC-BSD PKGNG CDN and assemble an ISO file.


  • FreeBSD 9.2 or higher
  • A PKGNG repo for the target version / arch
  • git
  • zip
  • grub-mkrescue
  • xorriso
  • poudriere (optional)
  • unicode.pf2 (required for grub-mkrescue) Getting Started:

First, you will need to copy the following *.dist files in the root directory

pcbsd.cfg.dist -> pcbsd.cfg pkg-pubkey.cert.dist -> pkg-pubkey.cert pkg.conf.dist -> pkg.conf

Next, you will want to edit pcbsd.cfg and check that the options are correct for the version of PC-BSD you plan on building.

If you are going to be pulling PKGNG packages from repo other than the default PC-BSD repo, you will need to replace pkg.conf / pkg-pubkey.cert with your own versions.

To start a build, run "make" in the source directory. FreeBSD sources will be downloaded from GIT automatically, and then a world / kernel built. Once this build finishes, the builder will begin fetching packages from the pkgng repo specified in pkg.conf. Lastly the ISO will be built in the ~/iso directory.

Before you can run "make image" you must have unicode.pf2 in /usr/local/share/grub/. You can copy /boot/grub/pcbsdfont.pf2 if you have PC-BSD installed.

/boot/grub/pcbsdfont.pf2 -> /usr/local/share/grub/unicode.pf2

Alternatively you may fetch pcbsdfont.pf2 from PC-BSD github.

Advanced Usage:

The following "make" targets are available:


Will create the FreeBSD world, fetch packages or build ports from poudriere, and then assemble an ISO file.


Will update the FreeBSD git repo and rebuild the FreeBSD world environment


Will rebuild the local ports / pkgng repo, using poudriere, if enable in pcbsd.cfg


Will do a poudriere build of just the PC-BSD specific meta-ports for creating an ISO file, not the entire ports tree


Will update the ports tree used by poudriere with portsnap and the pcbsd build-files/ports-overlay directory in git.


Will update the ports tree used by poudriere with the latest in the pcbsd build-files/ports-overlay directory in git.


Will create a new ISO file from the local FreeBSD dist files and packages from either local poudreire or remote PKGNG repo.


Will launch a dialog-based menu with access to all the listed make targets


Will cleanup any temp files in ${PROGDIR}/tmp

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