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Auto-Commit of i18n desktop tags from Pootle

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commit 094d1a5220a19cfbe80c28bf8f5d324115bb5179 1 parent 83baac7
@pcbsd-commit-bot pcbsd-commit-bot authored
2  src-qt4/pc-controlpanel/items/hardware/pc-paprefs.desktop
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Name[en_GB]=PulseAudio Configuration
Name[en_ZA]=PulseAudio Configuration
Name[fr]=Configuration de PulseAudio
Name[fr_CA]=Configuration de PulseAudio
Name[mt]=PulseAudio Konfigurazzjoni
Name[vi]=PulseAudio cấu hình
Comment=Set PulseAudio Configuration options
@@ -18,5 +19,6 @@ Comment[en_GB]=Set PulseAudio Configuration options
Comment[en_ZA]=Set PulseAudio Configuration options
Comment[fr]=Options Configurations PulseAudio
Comment[fr_CA]=Options Configurations PulseAudio
Comment[mt]=Issettja l-għażliet PulseAudio Konfigurazzjoni
Comment[vi]=Thiết lập tùy chọn cấu hình PulseAudio
2  src-qt4/pc-controlpanel/items/hardware/pc-pavucontrol.desktop
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Name[en_GB]=PulseAudio Mixer
Name[en_ZA]=PulseAudio Mixer
Name[fr]=Mixeur PulseAudio
Name[fr_CA]=Mixeur PulseAudio
Name[mt]=PulseAudio Mixer
Name[vi]=PulseAudio trộn
Comment=Set volume of PulseAudio playback
@@ -18,5 +19,6 @@ Comment[en_GB]=Set volume of PulseAudio playback
Comment[en_ZA]=Set volume of PulseAudio playback
Comment[fr]=Paramétrage du volume de lecture PulseAudio
Comment[fr_CA]=Paramétrage du volume de lecture PulseAudio
Comment[mt]=Volum ta sett ta 'daqq PulseAudio
Comment[vi]=Thiết lập âm lượng của PulseAudio phát lại
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