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An XMPP-based group chat server.
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A simple python-based group chat server built on XMPP. Hermes lets you easily manage chatrooms for friends or colleagues.

How it Works

Supply your own XMPP-based (e.g. GMail/Google Talk) accounts to serve as chatroom hosts, add a lil' bit of configuration, and start it. Chatroom members simply chat with the host account. Hermes broadcasts the message to all other members on its behalf.


from hermes import start_server

pinky = { 'JID': '', 'NICK': 'pinky' }

brain = { 'JID': '', 'NICK': 'brain', 'ADMIN': True }

chatrooms = {
    'world-domination-planning': {
        'SERVER': ('', 5223,),
        'JID': '',
        'PASSWORD': 'thesamethingwedoeverynight',
        'MEMBERS': [pinky, brain],



Package available from PyPI: Install with:

pip install hermes-chat


Hermes will interpret certain messages as commands and treats them differently from normal messagesd:

  • /marco - Not sure if other people are getting your messages? Hermes replies to you (and only you) with "polo".

  • /mute - Queues up incoming messages so you're distraction free. Others are informed that you're busy.

  • /unmute - Receive all queued messages. Others are informed that you're not busy anymore.

  • /invite <handle> - Invite new members to the chatroom.

  • /kick <handle> - Invite new members to the chatroom.

Upcoming Features

  • Persistence: Allow chatroom details to be easily persisted in ways besides hardcoded python objects. Provide hooks to update settings on the fly.

Is it any good?


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