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Ecc injection enable #207

merged 3 commits into from Oct 4, 2018
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Just for now

@@ -250,6 +250,46 @@ static void mainboard_enable(struct device *dev)

static void mainboard_final(void *chip_info)
/* ECC was not working because all memory was marked
* as excluded from ECC checking and error reporting.
* Normally one contiguous range is excluded to cover
* framebuffer region in systems with internal GPUs.
* AGESA set bit 0, EccExclEn, in register D18F5x240 as 1.
* Range was incorrectly enabled to cover all memory
* for cases without UMA (no integrated graphics).
* In order to clear EccExclEn DRAM scrubber needs to be
* disabled temporarily by setting D18F3x88[DisDramScrub]
u32 val;
device_t D18F3 = dev_find_device(0x1022, 0x1583, NULL);
device_t D18F5 = dev_find_device(0x1022, 0x1585, NULL);
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pietrushnic Oct 1, 2018


@krystian-hebel IMO variables names are not very descriptive. Do we really don't know what this device is?

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krystian-hebel Oct 2, 2018

Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Device 1583, which isn't any more descriptive in my opinion.

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miczyg1 Oct 4, 2018

@pietrushnic I also have not found a name which could satisfy You. Looked in BKDG and other sources, but found only that these are all memory controller/northbridge devices

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pietrushnic Oct 4, 2018


@miczyg1 @krystian-hebel it looks fine to me, let's send that upstream and see what will happen.

/* Disable DRAM ECC scrubbing */
val = pci_read_config32(D18F3, 0x88);
val |= (1 << 27);
pci_write_config32(D18F3, 0x88, val);

/* Clear reserved bits in register D18F3xB8
* D18F3xB8 NB Array Address has reserved bits [27:10]
* Multiple experiments showed that ECC injection
* doesn't work when these bits are set.
val = pci_read_config32(D18F3, 0xB8);
val &= 0xF000003F;
pci_write_config32(D18F3, 0xB8, val);

/* Disable ECC exclusion range */
val = pci_read_config32(D18F5, 0x240);
val &= ~1;
pci_write_config32(D18F5, 0x240, val);

/* Re-enable DRAM ECC scrubbing */
val = pci_read_config32(D18F3, 0x88);
val &= ~(1 << 27);
pci_write_config32(D18F3, 0x88, val);

// Turn off LED 2 and LED 3
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