PC Engines firmware builder based on coreboot-sdk
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This project aims to provide infrastructure for reliable building firmware for PC Engines platforms. It replace legacy approach from release_manifests and utilize official coreboot-sdk wherever it is possible. Unfortunately legacy builds coreboot-4.0.x require toolchain from pre-coreboot-sdk era that's why we created pce-fw-builder-legacy.


  • Only the newest firmware releases are supported with pce-fw-builder. Versions v4.6.9 or newer and v4.0.17 or newer are compatible. Older releases are only compatible with legacy release manifests.

  • It is advised to use tagged versions since they should not cause any build troubles.

  • To customize the image, build from tagged version first, then use dev-build, see Usage and Development use case below


Initial run may take some time. Below procedures assume that Docker is correctly installed and current user is in docker group. Script automatically detect with which codebase it deals with and choose toolchain accordingly.

$ git clone https://github.com/pcengines/pce-fw-builder.git -b <most_recent_tag>

Remember to use a recent tag in the command above.

$ cd pce-fw-builder
$ ./build.sh
usage: ./build.sh <command> [<args>]

    dev-build    build PC Engines firmware from given path
    release      build PC Engines firmware from branch/tag/commit of
                 upstream or PC Engines fork of coreboot
    release-CI   release command prepared to be run in Gitlab CI

dev-build: ./build.sh dev-build <path> <platform> [<menuconfig_param>]
    <path>                full path to coreboot source
    <platform>            apu1, apu2, apu3, apu4 or apu5
    <menuconfig_param>    menuconfig interface, give 'help' for more information

release: ./build.sh release <ref> <platform> [<menuconfig_param>]
    <ref>                 valid reference branch, tag or commit
    <platform>            apu1, apu2, apu3, apu4 or apu5
    <menuconfig_param>    menuconfig interface, give 'help' for more information

Development use case

This repository can be very useful for developers. First there is dev-build which will build coreboot tree according to provided revision, but assuming you starting from scratch and want to work with release version v4.6.x for apu2 you can simply:

./build.sh release v4.6.x apu2

This will pull everything needed and build release. Then you can play with code in release/coreboot and for rebuild simply:

./build.sh dev-build $PWD/release/coreboot apu2

Building Docker image


docker build -t pcengines/pce-fw-builder -f Dockerfile.ml .


docker build -t pcengines/pce-fw-builder-legacy -f Dockerfile.legacy .


PC Engines firmware builder repository will be versioned and tagged according to coreboot's SDK versioning, i.e. pce-fw-builder adapts the major and minor versions. PC Engines firmware versions will be added as a patch version, for example:

coreboot/coreboot-sdk:1.52 release ===> pcengines/pce-fw-builder:1.52.1 release

Version update

Using 3mdeb docker-release-manager:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/3mdeb/docker-release-manager/master/release-manager.sh | bash /dev/stdin bump_patch

If the coreboot-sdk container minor version icnreases by 2, manually set VERSION file to correct value.

Legacy builder

pce-fw-builder-legacy has frozen toolchain, thus the versioning should be. Container will not have new tags.