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A python library and demo script for interacting with the AMS Franklin Lightning Sensor.

This script will only work if the correct kernel modules are loaded on your Pi. Adafruit has a nice tutorial set up, though depending on the breakout board that you use, you may not see anything show up when you run i2cdetect.


You can install this module by running

pip install RPi_AS3935

or you can clone this repository and run

python install

Breakout Board

The AS3935 is a small chip, and rather than trying to solder it myself I purchased a (v2) breakout board from Embedded Adventures.

Connecting the AS3935

In my test setup I connected my breakout board to the Pi as shown

AS3935 Pin Raspberry Pi Pin
4 (GND) 25 (Ground)
5 (VDD) 1 (3v3 Power)
10 (IRQ) 11 (GPIO 17)
11 (I2CL) 5 (SCL)
13 (I2CD) 3 (SDA)

Known Issues


You may need edit line 12 of so that the correct address is read.

Breakout Board Default Address
Embedded Adventures v2 0x00
Embedded Adventures v4/v8 0x03
Tautic Electronics (untested) 0x00

RaspberryPi Model

If you have one of the newer 512MB Pi boards, then you need to adjust line 12 in the demo script to read

sensor = RPi_AS3935(address = 0x00, bus = 1)


A basic library for working with the AS3935 that's connected to the Raspberry Pi.




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