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region_name: "Hoboken / Jersey City",
title: "$50 to Spend on Office Supplies and Business Cards",
price: "$10.00",
value: "$50.00",
savings: "80%",
image_url: "",
/*image_url: "",*/
link: "",
country_code: "US",
updated_at: "2011-04-19 05:00:00 UTC",
published_at: "2011-04-19 05:00:00 UTC",
offer_ends_at: "2011-04-30 01:47:00 UTC",
orders_count: "1,206",
merchant_name: "Vistaprint",
categories: "Retail,Other",
sold_out: "false",
national: "false",
description: "Owning a small business is commonly known to cause big headaches -- you're like a one-man (or woman) band trying to make the sounds of a symphony. Be a savvy entrepreneur and take advantage of today's deal from Vistaprint: $50 to spend on stationery, calendars, mugs, and more for just $10. Vistaprint is like a toolbox for small businesses -- whether you need snazzy new business cards, a top-notch website, or copywriting skills,Vistaprint offers everything you need to market your brand. Don't have a biz? No prob. Vistaprint also offers products like thank-you cards, T-shirts, key chains, and tote bags that you can use for yourself. You don't need your own accounting department to calculate these savings; all you need is a quick clicker finger and this deal's all yours.",
details: "Limit 1 per person • Limit 1 transaction per mailing address • Tax and shipping not included • Voucher not valid for shipment to NY, NC, or outside of the US"