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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of LD-PATCH-PY
# Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Pierre-Antoine Champin <> /
# Universite de Lyon <>
# LD-PATCH-PY is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
# by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# LD-PATCH-PY is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with LD-PATCH-PY. If not, see <>.
I implement a processor executing an LD-Patch.
# pylint: disable=W0142,R0801
from collections import namedtuple
from rdflib import BNode, RDF, URIRef as IRI, Variable
from rdflib.exceptions import UniquenessError
from rfc3987 import parse as parse_iri
InvIRI = namedtuple("InvIRI", ["iri"])
_PathConstraintBase = namedtuple("PathConstraint", ["path", "value"])
class PathConstraint(_PathConstraintBase):
"""A constraint appearing in a Path Expression"""
#pylint: disable=R0903
def __new__(cls, path, value=None):
return _PathConstraintBase.__new__(cls, path, value)
Slice = namedtuple("Slice", ["idx1", "idx2"])
""" A slice of indexes in a list.
idx1 == None means "after the end" (idx2 will then be unspecified)
idx2 == None means "until the end"
class _UnicityConstraintSingleton(object):
"""A singleton class for representing the unicity constraint
in Path Expressions"""
#pylint: disable=R0903
def __repr__(self):
UNICITY_CONSTRAINT = _UnicityConstraintSingleton()
def _get_last_node(graph, lst):
Find the last node of a non-empty list
assert lst != RDF.nil
last = lst
graph_value = graph.value
while True:
nxt = graph_value(last,, any=False)
except UniquenessError:
nxt = None
if nxt is None:
raise ValueError("Malformed list passed to UpdateList")
if nxt == RDF.nil:
last = nxt
return last
def _get_list_length(graph, lst):
Find the length of an RDF list
graph_value = graph.value
ret = 0
while lst != RDF.nil:
lst = graph_value(lst,, any=False)
except UniquenessError:
lst = None
if lst is None:
raise MalformedListError()
ret += 1
return ret
class PatchProcessor(object):
An object actually doing the ldpatch
def __init__(self, graph, init_ns=None, init_vars=None):
self._graph = graph
self._namespaces = {}
self._variables = {}
self._bnodes = {}
if init_ns is not None:
if init_vars is not None:
# helper methods
def expand_pname(self, prefix, suffix=""):
Convert prefixed name to IRI.
iriprefix = self._namespaces.get(prefix)
if iriprefix is None:
raise UndefinedPrefixError(
"{}:{}".format(prefix, suffix))
return IRI(iriprefix + suffix)
def get_node(self, element):
Convert variables and bnodes, and return anything else unchanged.
typelt = type(element)
if typelt is Variable:
ret = self._variables.get(element)
if ret is not None:
return ret
raise UnboundVariableError(str(element))
elif typelt is BNode:
ret = self._bnodes.get(element)
if ret is None:
ret = self._bnodes[element] = BNode()
elif typelt is IRI:
# invalid IRIs can result from \uxxxx or \Uxxxxxxxx encoding ;
# so this is not stricly speaking a ParserError,
# but rather a semantic error, hence its processing here
parse_iri(unicode(element), rule="IRI")
except ValueError, ex:
raise PatchEvalError(ex.message)
ret = element
ret = element
return ret
def do_path_step(self, nodeset, pathelt):
"""Process one step of a Path Expression"""
typelt = type(pathelt)
if typelt is IRI:
return { trpl[2]
for subj in nodeset
for trpl in self._graph.triples((subj, pathelt, None))
elif typelt is InvIRI:
return { trpl[0]
for obj in nodeset
for trpl in self._graph.triples((None, pathelt.iri, obj))
elif typelt is int:
ret = set(nodeset)
for _ in range(pathelt):
ret = self.do_path_step(ret,
ret = self.do_path_step(ret, RDF.first)
return ret
elif typelt is PathConstraint:
return { i for i in nodeset if self.test_path_constraint(i, pathelt) }
elif pathelt is UNICITY_CONSTRAINT:
if len(nodeset) != 1:
raise NoUniqueMatchError(None, pathelt, nodeset)
return nodeset
raise TypeError("Unrecognized path element {!r}".format(pathelt))
def test_path_constraint(self, node, constraint):
"""Check a constraint in a Path Expression"""
nodeset = {node}
for pathelt in constraint.path:
nodeset = self.do_path_step(nodeset, pathelt)
if len(nodeset) == 0:
return False
except NoUniqueMatchError:
return False
if constraint.value is None:
return True # empty nodesets have already returned 0 above
value = constraint.value
typval = type(value)
if typval == Variable:
value = self.get_node(value)
elif typval == BNode:
value = self.get_node(value)
return (value in nodeset) #pylint: disable=C0325
# ldpatch commands
def prefix(self, prefix, iri):
"""Process a Prefix command"""
self._namespaces[prefix] = iri
def bind(self, variable, value, path=()):
"""Process a Bind command"""
assert isinstance(variable, Variable)
path = list(path)
nodeset = {self.get_node(value)}
for step in path:
nodeset = self.do_path_step(nodeset, step)
except NoUniqueMatchError, ex:
ex.variable = variable
if len(nodeset) != 1:
raise NoUniqueMatchError(variable, "end", nodeset)
self._variables[variable] = iter(nodeset).next()
def add(self, add_graph, addnew=False):
"""Process an Add or AnnNew command"""
get_node = self.get_node
graph = self._graph
graph_add = graph.add
for subject, predicate, objct in add_graph:
subject = get_node(subject)
predicate = get_node(predicate)
objct = get_node(objct)
triple = (subject, predicate, objct)
if addnew and triple in graph:
raise AddNewError(triple)
def delete(self, del_graph, delex=False):
"""Process a Delete or DeleteExisting command"""
get_node = self.get_node
graph = self._graph
graph_rem = graph.remove
for subject, predicate, objct in del_graph:
subject = get_node(subject)
predicate = get_node(predicate)
objct= get_node(objct)
triple = (subject, predicate, objct)
if delex and triple not in graph:
raise DeleteExistingError(triple)
def cut(self, var, _override=None):
"""Process a Cut command"""
if _override:
start = _override
start = self.get_node(var)
if type(start) is not BNode:
raise CutExpectsBnodeError()
did_something = False
get_triples = self._graph.triples
rem_triple = self._graph.remove
queue = [start,]
while queue:
bnode = queue.pop()
for trpl in get_triples((bnode, None, None)):
did_something = True
if type(trpl[2]) is BNode:
for trpl in get_triples((None, None, start)):
did_something = True
if not did_something:
raise CurRemovedNothing()
def updatelist(self, udl_graph, subject, predicate, aslice, udl_head):
"""Process an UpdateList command"""
#pylint: disable=R0912,R0913,R0914,R0915
target = self._graph
spre = self.get_node(subject)
ppre = self.get_node(predicate)
opre = target.value(spre, ppre, any=False)
except UniquenessError:
opre = None
if opre is None:
raise NoUniqueMatchError("UpdateList", ppre, opre)
imin, imax = aslice.idx1, aslice.idx2
length = None
if imin is not None and imin < 0:
length = _get_list_length(target, opre)
imin += length
if imin < 0:
raise OutOfBoundUpdateListError("imin too small")
if imax is not None and imax < 0:
if length is None:
length = _get_list_length(target, opre)
imax += length
if imax < 0:
raise OutOfBoundUpdateListError("imax too small")
i = 0
while (imin is not None and i < imin) \
or (imin is None and opre != RDF.nil):
if opre == RDF.nil:
raise OutOfBoundUpdateListError(
"imin (%s) is greater than the length (%s)" % (imin, i))
spre, ppre, opre = \
opre,, target.value(opre,, any=False)
except UniquenessError:
opre = None
if opre is None:
raise MalformedListError("Item %s has not exactly one rdf:rest" % i)
i += 1
spost, ppost, opost = spre, ppre, opre
while (imax is not None and i < imax) \
or (imax is None and opost != RDF.nil):
if opost == RDF.nil:
raise OutOfBoundUpdateListError(
"imax (%s) is greater than the length (%s)" % (imin, i))
target.remove((spost, ppost, opost))
elt = target.value(opost, RDF.first, any=False)
except UniquenessError:
elt = None
if elt is None:
raise MalformedListError("Item %s has not exactly one rdf:first" % i)
if type(elt) is BNode:
self.cut(None, elt)
target.remove((opost, RDF.first, elt))
spost, ppost, opost = \
opost,, target.value(opost,, any=False)
except UniquenessError:
opost = None
if opost is None:
raise MalformedListError("Item %s has not exactly one rdf:rest" % i)
i += 1
target.remove((spre, ppre, opre))
target.remove((spost, ppost, opost))
if udl_head == RDF.nil:
target.add((spre, ppre, opost))
fst = self.get_node(udl_head)
lst = _get_last_node(target, fst)
target.add((spre, ppre, fst))
target.set((lst,, opost))
except UniquenessError, ex:
raise MalformedListError(ex.msg)
class PatchEvalError(Exception):
"""Subclass of all errors generated by an LD Patch processor"""
statusCode = 422
class AddNewError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised by AddNew if a triple already exists"""
def __init__(self, triple):
PatchEvalError.__init__(self, "{} {} {}".format(*triple))
self.triple = triple
class CutExpectsBnodeError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when Cut is applied to a node which is not a blank node"""
class CurRemovedNothing(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when Cut is applied to a node with no arc"""
class DeleteExistingError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised by DeleteExisting if a triple does not exist"""
def __init__(self, triple):
PatchEvalError.__init__(self, "{} {} {}".format(*triple))
self.triple = triple
class MalformedListError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when UpdateList is applied to a malformed list"""
class NoUniqueMatchError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when a Path Expression does not match exactly one node"""
def __init__(self, variable, step, nodeset):
self.variable = variable
self.step = step
self.nodeset = nodeset
def __str__(self):
return "NoUniqueMatch for ?{} at {} (result: {})".format(
self.variable, self.step, self.nodeset)
class OutOfBoundUpdateListError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when the slice in UpdateList exceeds the length of the list"""
class UnboundVariableError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when using an unbound variable"""
statusCode = 400
class UndefinedPrefixError(PatchEvalError):
"""Error raised when using an undefined prefix"""
statusCode = 400