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A microprocessor from scratch
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The VTC Microprocessor Project (VuPP)

This project is a rather grand effort to design and eventually implement a simple microprocessor from the gate level (more realistically using a hardware description language). Currently the only components of the system are software oriented as described briefly below.

  • Fink. The linker for the VuPP processor (in C++). The object file format used is a custom format for this project. As a future enhancement it might make sense to support one of the standard formats.

  • VAS. The assembler for the VuPP processor (in Perl). This project is complete enough to be useful, allowing VuPP programs to actuall be created.

  • VM. The virtual machine simulator for the VuPP processor (in both Scala and Ruby). This project allows assembled VuPP programs to be "executed" on a virtual machine running on Windows or Linux. This can be used to test VuPP software before any VuPP hardware exists.

  • Vocal. The compiler for the vocal language (in C++). Vocal is a simplified Ada-like language. See also the Augusta project for a compiler which compiles a more complex Ada-like language into LLVM assembly language. A VuPP code generator for LLVM might be a nice addition to this repository (or to Augusta).

The www folder contains documentation for the project.

Peter C. Chapin

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