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Serverless Framework example with Twilio
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Made with Serverless Norfolk JS Inspired

Send SMS Message with Twilio

This example demonstrates how to send SMS messages with the Twilio SDK and AWS lambda.

Live the live demo

Use Cases:

  • Sending users confirmation text messages

Setup -

  1. Set up your AWS Credentials

  2. Sign up for a Twilio account

  3. Create a new phone number in your Twilio trial account

  4. Grab your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN from the Twilio console and plug those into the env.json file in the next step

  5. Create env.json variables in serverless.yml with your Twilio account values

  # replace these env variables with your twilio account values
  1. Invoke the function and send an SMS message

Update the to phone number the event.json file and message to send in the SMS

Then invoke the function with the serverless CLI. Set the --path event.json so the function knows where to send the SMS.

serverless invoke -f sendText --path event.json
  1. (Optional) Deploy the front-end application

Update the API_ENDPOINT variable in the /frontend/index.html file and deploy the /frontend folder to a static host of your choice.

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