My run through of the Cognitect Pedestal App Tutorial, except with commits by subsection instead of page.
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I worked through the excellent Pedestal App Tutorial.

The repo for the Cognitect version is tagged by tutorial page, but there are often 2-5 sections per page, and a lot of code per diff. In this repo, there's one commit per section. Also, the commits are by section name, not version number.

See also my repo for the accompanying pedestal service project, pedestal-app-tutorial-by-section-service

My notes on the Pedestal Tutorial


cd into any directory and execute the following:

lein new pedestal-app my-project
cd my-project
lein repl

The namespace is loaded by default. It contains several useful functions. To see a list of some of these functions, type:


To begin working on an application, execute:


and then visit http://localhost:3000.

Alternatively, start the app server from the command line: lein run.

During development of an application, sources will be compiled on-demand. Sources include everything located in the app directory. All compiled output goes to out/public. The contents of out/public are transient and the out directory can be deleted at any time to trigger a complete re-build.

The contents of out/public are the deployment artifacts for this project.

If you would like to serve the contents of out/public from another server and not run the development server. Run:

(watch :development)

from the application project to automatically build the :development environment when sources change.