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#ifndef __VSPELL_H__ // -*- tab-width: 2 mode: c++ -*-
#define __VSPELL_H__
#ifndef __SPELL_H__
#include "spell.h"
#ifndef __SET__
#include <set>
#ifndef __VECTOR__
#include <vector>
#ifndef __STRING__
#include <string>
#ifndef __MYSTRING_H__
#include "mystring.h"
class VSpell;
class Text
VSpell *vspell;
virtual bool ui_syllable_check() = 0;
virtual bool ui_word_check() = 0;
bool syllable_check(int sentence_element_id);
void apply_separators(std::set<WordEntry> &wes);
void get_separators(std::vector<unsigned> &seps);
void penalty2_construct(Segmentation &s);
int offset,length;
boost::shared_ptr<Sentence> st;
Lattice w;
Segmentation seg;
Suggestions suggestions;
Text(VSpell *v):vspell(v),st(new Sentence) {}
virtual ~Text() {}
virtual bool sentence_check(const char *pp);
virtual bool syllable_check();
virtual bool word_check();
int utf8_pos(unsigned pos);
void replace(unsigned from,unsigned size,const char *utf8_text);
std::string substr(unsigned from,unsigned size);
unsigned pos_from_syllable(const Suggestion &s);
unsigned pos_from_word(const Suggestion &s);
class TextFactory
virtual Text* create(VSpell *) const = 0;
class VSpell
const TextFactory &text_factory;
std::set<strid> syllables;
std::set<strid_string> words;
std::vector<unsigned> separators;
std::string utf8_text;
std::string text;
float penalty_weight,penalty2_weight;
bool do_trigram,do_strict_word_checking;
VSpell(const TextFactory &tf):
virtual ~VSpell() { cleanup(); }
bool init();
virtual void cleanup() {}
bool check(const char *pp); // in utf-8 encoding
void set_penalty(float weight) {
penalty_weight = weight;
float get_penalty() const {
return penalty_weight;
void set_penalty2(float weight) {
penalty2_weight = weight;
float get_penalty2() const {
return penalty2_weight;
void set_strict_word_checking(bool t) {
do_strict_word_checking = t;
bool get_strict_word_checking() const {
return do_strict_word_checking;
void set_trigram(bool t) {
do_trigram = t;
bool get_trigram() const {
return do_trigram;
const std::string &get_utf8_text() const { return utf8_text; }
const std::string &get_text() const { return text; }
void replace(unsigned from,unsigned size,const char *utf8_text);
bool in_dict(strid id) const {
return syllables.find(id) != syllables.end();
bool in_dict(const strid_string &id) const {
return words.find(id) != words.end();
void add(strid id) {
void add_word(const char *s);
void add_separators(const std::vector<unsigned> &seps);
const std::vector<unsigned> &get_separators() const {
return separators;
class Candidates
struct Candidate
std::string candidate;
float priority;
friend bool operator < (const Candidate &c1,const Candidate &c2) {
return c1.candidate < c2.candidate;
std::set<Candidate> candidates;
class CandidateComparator {
const Candidates &c;
CandidateComparator(const Candidates &cc):c(cc) {}
bool operator()(const std::string &s1,const std::string &s2);
friend class CandidateComparator;
void insert(const std::string &,float f = 0);
void get_list(std::vector<std::string> &);
void get_syllable_candidates(const char *input,Candidates &output,float val = 0);
void get_phonetic_syllable_candidates(const char *input,Candidates &output,float val = 0);
void get_left_syllable_candidates(const char *input,Candidates &output);
void get_right_syllable_candidates(const char *input,Candidates &output);
bool viet_utf8_to_viscii(const char *in,char *out); // pre-allocated
bool viet_utf8_to_viscii_force(const char *in,char *out); // pre-allocated
void viet_viscii_to_utf8(const char *in,char *out); // pre-allocated
char* viet_to_viscii(const char *in);
char* viet_to_viscii_force(const char *in);
char* viet_to_utf8(const char *in);
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