Advanced GLSL(GlobeRenerer, SSAO, Vertex Morphing/Pulsing)
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CIS565: Project 5: Advanced GLSL

Fall 2012

Due Tuesday 11/20/2012

BLOG Link:

A brief description

The goal of this project is to explore the functionality of GLSL further in three parts. The first part of this project is a globe renderer capable of rendering a convincing model of planet Earth from space. The second part is a screen-space ambient occlusion technique based entirely in the fragment shader. The third one is to implement two interesting vertex shadings.

PART 1: Globe Renderer

  • Basic
  • Bump mapped terrain
  • Rim lighting to simulate atmosphere
  • Nighttime lights on the dark side of the globe
  • Specular mapping
  • Moving clouds
  • Additional
  • Shade base on altitude using the height map(keyboard '2')

Shade base on altitude using the height map

Figure 0. Shade base on altitude using the height map.

PART 2: Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion

  • Basic
  • regular sample based approach

regular sample based SSAO

Figure 1. regular sample based SSAO.

PART 3: Vertex Shading

  • Vertex Pulsing(keyboard '2')
  • Vertex Morphing(keyboard '3')

pulsing cow

Figure 2. pulsing cow.

How to build

I developed the part1 on Visual Studio 2010. The solution files are located in part1/Globe/Globe.sln part2/565GLFrame/565GLFrame.sln part3/565GLFrame/565GLFrame.sln

You should be able to build it without modification.