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call git-pull after checking out a git branch. This ensures the

branch stays up to date.
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1 parent 4f4cba2 commit 5737c4f07cc74f368e18f53d3cc264c333385ccc Tyler Patterson committed May 1, 2012
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@@ -42,6 +42,10 @@ def clone_development(version, verbose=False):
if int(out) != 0:
raise Exception("Could not check out git branch %s. Is this a valid branch name? (see last.log for details)" % git_branch)
+ # do a git pull to make sure the branch stays up to date.
+ # this could throw an error if the requested branch is a tag.
+ # such an error should be safe to ignore.
+ out =['git', 'pull'], cwd=target_dir, stdout=lf, stderr=lf)
# now compile
compile_version(git_branch, target_dir, verbose)

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