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## Generating Artifacts

While our execution-by-compilation works, it’s really nothing more than an on-the-fly evaluation. We’re not generating any compilation artifacts that can be re-used later, or deployed elsewhere.

We can fix that by moving our code into a module. Once we compile our newly modularized `application.ex`, a new `Elixir.Minimal.Application.beam` file will appear in the root of our project.

We can run our compiled Elixir program by running `elixir` in the directory that contains our `*.beam` file and specifying an expression to evaluate using the `-e` flag:

	➜ elixir -e "Minimal.Application.start()"

Similarly, we could spin up an interactive shell (`iex`) in the same directory and evaluate the expression ourselves:

	iex(1)> Minimal.Application.start()
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defmodule Minimal.Application do
def start do

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