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Aiming to offering popular and cutting edge techs in deep learning area on iOS devices, Serrano is developed as a tool for developers & researchers with deep learning background to quickly implement their ideas on iOS devices. Meanwhile, it supports macOS as a pure swift framework bonus.


  • Implemented an efficient NDArray class Tensor which supports:
  • Offer common operators (operator list) for constructing various computation graphs and it is easy to implement custom operators
  • Graph API support forward and backward with auto differentiation
  • No third-party library dependent. Compatible with iOS 10 and macOS.


Via CocoaPods

Install the latest version:

pod 'Serrano', :git => ''

Manually integrate into your workspace/project

Download or clone Serrano and drag serrano.xcodeproj into your workspace or project. Add Serrano into the Target Dependencies of your target.


The guides and APIs are hosted at

Quick example

Check Serrano/Examples/Graph/VGG16.swift seeing how to use Graph API to construct a forward VGG16.

TinyYOLO Demo Project

Check Serrano-TinyYOLO, an iOS App do object detection on taken photo.

Questions && Issues

‼️ Please only open [bug]/[feature request] related issues in THIS repo and follow this issue guide. ‼️

For any general issue/discussion || framework support, please go to pcpLiu/SerranoExplore opening an issue. Also you can discuss on Gitter


Serrano was developed as an iOS framework. However, the framework could be added and used in Cocoa applications (macOS App) without effort.


Contribution are wanted 📢. And please read the Contributing Guide before making a PR.


Serrano is liscensed under MIT. Copyright (c) 2017, Zhonghao (Tim) Liu.


Serrano are inspired and influenced by these open source projects: