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Audited ChangeLog
* 2012-04-10 - Add Audit scopes for creates, updates and destroys [chriswfx]
* 2011-10-25 - Made ignored_attributes configurable [senny]
* 2011-09-09 - Rails 3.x support
Support for associated audits
Support for remote IP address storage
Plenty of bug fixes and refactoring
[kennethkalmer, ineu, PatrickMa, jrozner, dwarburton, bsiggelkow, dgm]
* 2009-01-27 - Store old and new values for updates, and store all attributes on destroy.
Refactored revisioning methods to work as expected
* 2008-10-10 - changed to make it work in development mode
* 2008-09-24 - Add ability to record parent record of the record being audited
[Kenneth Kalmer]
* 2008-04-19 - refactored to make compatible with dirty tracking in edge rails
and to stop storing both old and new values in a single audit
* 2008-04-18 - Fix NoMethodError when trying to access the :previous revision
on a model that doesn't have previous revisions [Alex Soto]
* 2008-03-21 - added #changed_attributes to get access to the changes before a
save [Chris Parker]
* 2007-12-16 - Added #revision_at for retrieving a revision from a specific
time [Jacob Atzen]
* 2007-12-16 - Fix error when getting revision from audit with no changes
[Geoffrey Wiseman]
* 2007-12-16 - Remove dependency on acts_as_list
* 2007-06-17 - Added support getting previous revisions
* 2006-11-17 - Replaced use of singleton User.current_user with cache sweeper
implementation for auditing the user that made the change
* 2006-11-17 - added migration generator
* 2006-08-14 - incorporated changes from Michael Schuerig to write_attribute
that saves the new value after every change and not just the
first, and performs proper type-casting before doing comparisons
* 2006-08-14 - The "changes" are now saved as a serialized hash
* 2006-07-21 - initial version