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Canada Holidays

This is a fun little express app for Canada's statutory holidays. There's a frontend you can look at and an API you can use.

  • The frontend is using htm server-rendered components. Very amusing.
  • The backend API is pretty bare-metal: it's using an initial SQLite migration file stored in memory and then it does "db reads" and spits out JSON.

Using the API

Please get in touch if you are using the API and you need something, because I can probably make it work better if I have enough real-life use-cases.

Read the API docs.

There's an OpenAPI spec at Canada-Holidays-API.v1.yaml and a SwaggerHub page where you can test the endpoints.

Getting started

Install npm

npm is a javascript package manager. It downloads project dependencies and runs node applications.

You'll need node version v14 or higher to run the app. (If you have an M1 Mac, you'll need v15 or higher.)

Install docker

A docker container allows a developer to package up an application and all of its parts. This means we can build an app in any language, in any stack, and then run it anywhere β€” whether locally or on a server.

Build and run with npm

Guess what? There is no build step. Just install the dependencies and run it.

Pretty slick. 😎

# install dependencies
npm install

# run application in 'dev' mode
# (ie, the server restarts when you save a file)
npm run dev

# run application in 'prod' mode
npm start

The app should be running at http://localhost:3000/.

On a Mac, press Control + C to quit the running application.

Run tests with npm

# run unit tests
npm test

# run linting
npm run lint

unit tests

Since we are still using components as interface, this makes testing really easily. On the server, we render out our components as strings that we send to the browser, but when we run tests, we want to do a bit more than that. Looking for values in big strings is pretty ugly.

Instead, using cheerio, we can load in a string like "<main><p>hello</p></main>" and then traverse it using jQuery selector syntax. So we can write assertions against stuff like $('main > p').text(), which is far better than string testing.

Build and run as a Docker container

# build an image locally
docker build -t pcraig3/hols:tag --build-arg GITHUB_SHA_ARG=<tag> .

# run the container
docker run -it -p 3000:3000 pcraig3/hols:tag

The container should be running at http://localhost:3000/.

On a Mac, press Control + C to quit the running docker container.

Push to Cloud Run

The main.yaml file contains instructions to deploy the service to Cloud Run, or you can use the CLI command below to do it manually.

gcloud builds submit --tag{PROJECT}/{SERVICE}:{TAG} --build-arg GITHUB_SHA_ARG={TAG}


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NS 6 Holiday and Retail Closing Day Charts Labour Standards Code
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NU 10 - Labour Standards Act
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