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= 22 / 2010-06-29
* New auto_branch feature. Say the project "Integrity" is tracking the master
branch, and I push my "build-duration" topic branch to GitHub, Integrity
will create and build a new project named "Integrity (build-duration)" using
the same build command and notifiers
* Remove the fork feature. I've found the auto_branch feature to be
much more convenient
* Populate commit meta data from the GitHub payload when receiving a push
* Remove the /push endpoint in favor of GitHub-ish payloads
* Improved build output colorization thanks to Ryan Tomayko's bcat.
* Improved GitHub links to compare view and commit page
[Łukasz Strzałkowski, Simon Rozet]
* Log git commands errors for easier troubleshooting
* Upgrade to DataMapper 1.0
= 21 / 2010-06-01
* Add ability to fork a project to track a topic branch
* Link to GitHub from build and project page when possible
* Do not display the full commit SHA1 anymore
* Fix a bug introduced in v20
* Upgrade to DataMapper RC3
= 20 / 2010-05-27
* Fix GitHub integration to work with valid git ref such as
"refs/heads/releases/2010/15" [Chris Griego]
* Support GitHub-ish payload to make Integrity work with [Dima Sabanin]
* Unknown commit date are now displayed as "unavailable" instead
of "Jan 1st" [Douglas F Shearer]
* Fix Heroku deployment [Glenn Roberts]
= 0.4.1 / 2010-04-02
* The caching stuff introduced 0.3.0 have been reverted
* The "Delete this build" is now always available, even for in-progress builds
= 0.4.0 / 2010-03-27
* Add a rake task to clean-up old build checkouts
* Add a TCP notifier. Works great with
* Fix URLs, allowing to mount Integrity to a sub direcory [Iain Hecker]
* Fix the delete/rebuild buttons
* The last build is now displayed both at the top and in the builds list.
It simplifies things and fixes some ordering issues.
* Upgrade to Sinatra 1.0
= 0.3.1 / 2010-02-27
* Add button to delete builds that are not in progress [Joe Chippindale]
* Only show build output when available [Joe Chippindale]
= 0.3.0 / 2010-02-21
* Introduce the bootstrapper. Useful to automate creation of projects. Example:
Integrity.bootstrap do |b|
b.project "Integrity" do |p|
p.uri = "git://"
p.command = "gem bundle && ./bin/rake"
* Miscelleanous SQL performance improvements and fixes. Thanks to
Nick Quaranto for his help debugging these problems
* Set proper HTTP cache headers
* Allow projects to have the same URI and branch
* Upgrade to Bundler 0.9 [Nick Quaranto]
* Upgrade to DataMapper 0.10.2
= 0.2.3 / 2010-01-11
* Solidify and document the API to trigger builds
* Upgrade to the new Campfire API [Nick Quaranto]
* Various fixes to the DelayedJob builder [Nick Quaranto]
* Undocumented Resque-powered builder
* Misceleanous non-backward compatible changes to the configuration DSL
* The base_uri setting has been renamed to base_url
* Allow to not configure a push endpoint
* Various documentation fixes and improvements
* SVN supports attempt is discountinued; now only supporting git.
* Allow Proc-like builder
* Bob and Bobette are discountinued and now parts of Integrity
= 0.2.2 / 2009-11-29
* Fix GitHub post-receive not working when the project URI doesn't have a
trailing ".git"
* Allow bigger build output [Joel Chippindale]
* Fail loudly when a build can't be saved
= 0.2.1 / 2009-11-22
* Do not disable_rubygems in the Gemfile as it was suprising a lot of people
* Fix various spelling and grammar errors in the documentation [Michael Erb]
* Shorten IRC notification message
* Upgrade to DataMapper 0.10.1
* Upgrade to Bob 0.5.0 and Bobette 0.0.6
= 0.2.0 / 2009-11-04
* Support for asynchronous and parallel builds, either using a thread pool
or a queue (delayed_job).
* Integrity won't be available as a gem anymore. Use git or grab a tarball
from GitHub.
* Dependencies are managed with Bundler. See <>
* The installer has been removed.
* Heroku is supported again.
* The Email, IRC and Campfire notifiers now ship as part of Integrity.
* Some changes to Integrity::Notifier::Base probably breaks other notifiers;
a deprecation layer might be added in a future release.
* Support for Subversion is mostly there, it just needs testing. Please see
= 0.1.11 / 2009-07-26
* This release depends on Sinatra 0.9.4 and hence, Rack 1.0 (finally!)
* The `integrity launch` command was removed. Please use a rackup
file and whatever server you want instead
* The Heroku install was removed as it currently doesn't work.
A template-type repo ready to be pushed onto Heroku might be provided
in the future
* Fix an error occuring when a notifier times out [#166 / Benny Wong]
* Fix pretty_date helpers showing a leading zero for days < 10
[Douglas F Shearer]
* Add a missing backstick to the post install message [Douglas F Shearer]
* Fix a missing dependency on builder [#177]
* Fix the Content-Type of the Atom feed
* Get rid of all mention of foca-integrity from generated files
* Fix all Sass deprecation warnings
= 0.1.10 / 2009-05-14
* Projects are now sorted by name (Nick Quaranto)
* Bundle the NULL commit author/message fix as a migration
* Fix issue with stale notifier. See 693c95e for details
* Rename the "Build the last commit" button to "Fetch and build"
* Fix the rebuild button (Eric Mill)
* Various improvements to the Heroku install (Miles Z. Sterrett)
* Documentation to the default config.yml for the
:build_all_commits option. (Jeff Whitmire)
* `integrity launch` now saves the database into $HOME/.integrity.sqlite3
* Changed the Notifier::Test API. Notifiers tests are expected
to break. That API is still not defined and might change at
any time. See [#130] to discuss this.
* Send notifications to enabled notifiers only
= / 2009-04-06
* Fix one more URL issue
* Fix that notifiers are always enabled
* Fix for when the commit identifier can't be retrieved
* Fix the schema to accept NULL commit author and message
* Upgrade to DataMapper 0.9.11
* Remove all of deprecation code, except on Notifier::Base
* Notifiers were refactored and now require to be registered:
* The installer do not migrate the database automagically after
a successful install anymore
= / 2009-03-28
* Add development dependencies to gemspec
* Fix and improve deprecation (Josh Nichols)
* Fix a typo in post install message (Josh Nichols)
* Fix URLs issues (hopefully)
* Calculate URLs using base_uri option instead of the request.url
* Fix and use the URLs generation helpers in views. (Will Leinweber)
* Depend on sinatra-authorization (which has no dependency) instead
of sinatra-ditties.
* Use [mg]( to manage release
* Various tweaks to the bootstraping Rake tasks. I am not happy
with them, though.
= / 2009-03-16
* Add the Integrity::Notifier::Test mixin, aimed at helping
writing test for notifiers.
NOTE: The API is not fixed yet. See the following ticket
* Add support for Heroku as a deployment option
* Fix the installer to work with the current Thor gem