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(logging/init :file "/var/log/riemann.log")
(def graph (graphite {:host "localhost"}))
(defn add-environ-name
"Add the environment name to the hostname, based on the presence of a tag."
[{:keys [tags host] :as event}]
(let [tags (set tags)]
(tags "production") (update-in event [:host] str ".production")
(tags "staging") (update-in event [:host] str ".staging")
(tags "dev") (update-in event [:host] str ".dev")
:else event)))
(defn add-environ-name-combined
[{:keys [tags host] :as event}]
(let [tags (set tags)]
(assoc event :host (cond
(tags "production") "all-hosts.production"
(tags "staging") "all-hosts.staging"
(tags "dev") ""
:else "all-hosts"))))
(let [
; Streams that take events, transform them into a specific type of metric,
; and send them along to graphite.
occurrenceify #(adjust [:service str " occurences"]
(with {:metric 1.0}
meterify #(adjust [:service str " rate-per-second"]
(default {:metric 1.0}
(fill-in-last 5 {:metric 0.0}
(rate 5
histogramify #(adjust [:service str " value"]
(percentiles 5 [0.5 0.75 0.95 0.99 1.0]
; Streams that take events, look at their tags, and send them along to the
; appropriate metricizing stream(s).
occurrences #(where (tagged "occurrence")
meters #(where (tagged "meter")
histograms #(where (tagged "histogram")
timers #(where (tagged "timer")
; Gauges are special -- they're super simple.
gauges #(where (tagged "gauge")
; Shortcut to send a stream along to all metrics.
metrics #(default {}
(with {:host "riemann" :service "raw-events-processed" :metric 1.0}
(fill-in-last 5 {:metric 0.0}
(rate 5 graph)))
(adjust add-environ-name
(by [:host :service]
(adjust add-environ-name-combined
(by [:host :service]
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