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This is the source for Miro, the client-side component of the
Democracy platform for Internet TV. It is targeted at average,
unsophisticated Internet users with broadband connections. It can be
built for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, or X Window-based platforms
such as Linux, with a native look and feel on each platform. There is
a clean separation between the portable backend and the
platform-specific frontend in the event that new ports are desired in
the future.

It is written primarily in Python and is distributed under the terms
of the GNU General Public License; see license.txt.

Binaries are available from::

Development information, instructions on how to submit bug reports,
source code, information on mailing lists, and other
development-related links and information are located at::

The latest source can be retrieved via git from::

   git clone git://

Release notes and changes are listed in the dev wiki at::

The public face of Miro is::

Participatory Culture Foundation, the non-profit that sponsors
Miro development and promotes the platform, has a site at::

See for the latest build
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