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Miro is a popular, free, and open internet TV application. It brings video channels from thousands of sources and has more free HD than any other platform.
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This repository holds source code for several components of Miro, the
open and free Internet TV platform.  For more information about Miro,


For the development site for the projects tracked here, including bug
tracking, the developer documentation wiki, mailing lists, and more,
go to:


What's here


* ``tv``

  The centerpiece of the Miro platform, Miro is a desktop application
  that aims to make Internet TV an enjoyable experience for even the
  least technically sophisticated user.  Miro can view channels
  created with Broadcast Machine as well as a wide variety of other
  video sources on the Internet.  It also integrates with the remaining
  two components of the Miro platform: Channel Guide for promoting
  channels and Video Bomb for easy end-user republishing and social
  promotion of individual videos.

* ``dtv-binary-kit``

  Prebuilt binary dependencies for building Miro on Windows -- so
  developers can get up and running in half an hour instead of a
  week. If used, it should be checked out *alongside* the source to
  Miro Player. That is, ``tv`` and ``dtv-binary-kit`` should both be
  subdirectories of the same directory. If you're reading this file,
  odds are good that you just checked out the whole repository, and so
  this has already been taken care of for you. :)

* ``dtv-binary-kit-mac``

  Prebuilt binary dependencies for building Miro on Mac OSX.

* ``docs``

  Developer documentation for Miro.

* ``resources``

  Scripts, packaging files, and a bunch of other stuff that helps
  us doing development on Miro and related projects.

Broadcast Machine

Channel Guide, Video Bomb, Miro Community and other projects are
tracked in other repositories.

* ``bmachine``

  Broadcast Machine, an Internet TV publishing package, integrating a
  Bittorrent tracker, an RSS server, and a content management system
  into one easy-to-use Web application that can be installed by
  dragging a folder into your FTP client -- no database setup needed.

* ``bmachine-binary-kit``

  Binary kit bits for Broadcast Machine.


* ``retemplate``

  I don't really know what this is.
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