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This repository is the code for the Amara project.

The full documentation can be found at

Quick Start

Amara uses Docker. For ease of development, we use the Fig tool to have a full, production like, local dev environment.

  1. Git clone the repository:

    git clone git:// unisubs

    Now the entire project will be in the unisubs directory.

  2. Install Fig (

  3. Build the Amara docker image:

    ./bin/dev build
  4. Start Amara Services:

    fig up -d db worker cache search queue
  5. Configure Database:

    ./bin/dev dbreset
  6. Start Amara:

    fig up app
  7. Add to your hosts file, pointing at This is necessary for Twitter and Facebook oauth to work correctly.

    You can access the site at

To see services logs, run fig logs <service> i.e. fig logs worker


To run the test suite:


Dev Notes

To run a single command:

    fig run --rm app python <command>

To see running services:

    fig ps

To stop and remove all containers:

    fig kill ; fig rm

To view logs from a service:

    fig logs <service>

To create an admin user:

    fig run --rm app python createsuperuser --settings=dev_settings
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