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{% load i18n videos_tags %}
<h3>{% trans 'Share' %}</h3>
<ul class="buttons">
{% if not RUN_LOCALLY %}
<li><a href="#" onclick="return share_on_facebook(event);" class="facebook" title="{% trans 'Post to Facebook' %}">{% trans 'Post to Facebook' %}</a></li>
<li><a href="{{share_panel_twitter_url}}" target="post_to_twitter" class="twitter" title="{% trans 'Post to Twitter' %}">{% trans 'Post to Twitter' %}</a></li>
<li><a href="{{share_panel_email_url}}" target="email_friends" class="email" title="{% trans 'Email to friends' %}">{% trans 'Email to friends' %}</a></li>
<li class="unisubs-facebook-like"><iframe src="{{ share_panel_permalink|urlencode }}&layout=button_count&show_faces=false&width=150&action=like&colorscheme=light&height=25" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:150px; height:25px; padding: .45em .25em;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe></li>
{% endif %}
<a href="#embed-modal" class="open-modal">{% trans 'Get Embed Code' %}</a>
{% if language.get_language_display and not language.is_original %}
(with {{ language.get_language_display }} subtitles)
{% endif %}
<div class="bootstrap">
<div id="embed-modal" class="modal">
<div class="modal-header">
<a href="#" class="close action-close">x</a>
<h3>Embed video</h3>
<p class="notation">Use the following code to embed this video. See our <a href="" title="Embed usage guide">usage guide</a> for more details on embedding.</p>
<div class="modal-body">
<textarea readonly="readonly" rows="8">{{share_panel_embed_code}}</textarea>
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery('.unisubs-share .unisubs-twitter-share').click(function(){
jQuery.get('{% url statistic:tw_update_share_statistic %}');
function share_on_facebook(event) {
jQuery.get('{% url statistic:fb_update_share_statistic %}');'{{share_panel_facebook_url}}',
'post_to_fb', 'status=0,width=560,height=320');
return false;
// Select all text when embed code is clicked
// .focus is not properly working with chrome so using .click
$("#embed-modal textarea").click(function(){;
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