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Django apps

Here is a list of pluggable Django apps that Amara is using. All of these apps are contained in the apps/ directory.


The apps/ directory is added to the Python path so you can import it directly. from videos.models import Video is prefered over from apps.vides.models import Video.

  • account linker

    Amara allows you to publish your finished subtitles back to YouTube via their API. This app handles that.

  • auth

    This app contains a custom User model and authentication business logic.

  • comments

    Comments on videos and subtitles

  • icanhaz

    Private video management: can you see this video?

  • localeurl

    This app adds /en/ to the url. It makes sure that the correct translation is being shown.

  • messages

    in-app inbox, notifications

  • openid consumer

  • profiles

    User profile, settings, dashboard

  • search

    Full text search on videos; List of most popular videos

  • socialauth

    Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook)

  • statistics

    View counts

  • streamer

    Rendering subtitles in HTML

  • teams

    Team workflows, permissions

  • test helpers

  • unisubs compressor

    Custom static file compressor

  • uslogging

    Amara logging, errors on widgets

  • videos

    Transcription, translation, video management

  • widget

    Embedded widget

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