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Static Files

The static files pipeline for unisubs has two goals:

  • Combine & compress files that are used together (e.g. one html page linking to many css filed)
  • Make sure every time media is processed we have each file with a unique name. This allows us to the set the expire header to the far future, meaning that it will be aggressively cached.
  • Each new release won't be cached by clients, since the URLS for each release are unique

Quick Start

  1. When in development with DEBUG = True all media will not be compressed. Else you can controle this with the COMPRESS_MEDIA setting.
  2. You can add media to the any of the bundles on or create a new bundle if you need a specific collection of media (see bellow)
  3. If it's a new bundle add the include in the template (see bellow)

When you want to test the compiled version:

  1. Set DEBUG to false
  2. Run the compile_config, compile_statwidgetconfig, compile_media commands.
  3. Run deploy/create_commit_file
  4. Run the compile_media command

Compilation & Minification has a MEDIA_BUNDLES dictionary. Each key sets an id (a unique name for the bundle), with the following properties:

  • type: Can be 'css' or 'js' for now
  • files: a sequence of files to be processed. Files will be processed in the order in which they're are defined on the bundle. They're path should be relative to the STATIC_URL (i.e. unisubs/media)
  • closure_deps: File (inside js) that holds the closure dependencies list.
  • debug: If true will include the closure-debug-dependencies.js.
  • include_flash_deps: boolean
  • optimizations: defaults to closure's more agreesive mode (ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS) else can be set to SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS.

Files will be concatenated in the order in which they are defined.

JS will be compiled by the closure compiler at closure/compiler.jar.

CSS will be compressed with the YUI compressor at css-compression/yuicompressor-2.4.6.jar. For css we are only minifying, but we are not changing anything that might break the site.

In Templates

In templates, instead of liking to the the individual css or js files, you'd simply:

{% load  media_compressor %}
{% include_bundle "[bundle name - the key in MEDIA_BUNDLE]" %}

If CSS_USE_COMPILED is True the link to that bundle compressed file will be inserted. Else we'll add the original urls. If a CSS_USE_COMPILED is not set, it will default to the oposite of settings.DEBUG.


Compiling should be done with

$ compile_media --settings=[settings file] [bundle-name(s)]

If you pass one or more bundle names as arguments to the command it will only compile those bundles (useful for testing / debugging), else all bundles will be compiled. Just make sure that you have run compile_conf and friends and also the deploy/ before doing so.

When the --verbosity param is set to 2, compile_media will output the cmd_strings passed to the compilers.

Directory layout

Inside MEDIA_ROOT media will be compiled to static-cache/[hash of latest git commit]/. For example, MEDIA_ROOT/static-cache/21a1bbcc/js/unisubs-onsite-compiled.js.

This way we use one unique identifier for each revision, in fact, we relly on the one git gives us, which has the added benefit of making it easier to troubleshoot revisions and verify that links are correct.

Static cache is never in source control and should not be the storage path for anything. Its sole purpose is to be a disposable place where media can be compiled and moved to a unique URL.

Relevant Settings

These need to be defined in

Serving Media

On the local development machine or the dev environment media is stored locally in the file disk. Staging and production with Amazon's s3, so in those environments media needs to be copied to s3.

This is achieved by calling:

$ send_to_s3 --settings=[settings module]

Which is part of the update_static fabric command. That command requires the USE_AMAZON set (needs correct values for secret, id and bucket), and it will:

  • Move the entire content of MEDIA_ROOT/static-cache/[hash guid]. All of these will have far future expire headers.
  • Copy and create the files that are used externally (in offsite widgets), namely: js/unisubs-widgetizer.js, js/widgetizer/widgetizerprimer.js"] to MEDIA_ROOT/js/.... These do not have far future expire headers.

All files above 1kb will be served with gzip compression (smaller files tend to actually inflate).


  • Remove all lingering instances of include _js_onsite...
  • Make compilation fail on any error.
  • Find out how to fix warnings for jQuery and others
  • Put all binaries that deal with media compression (closure compiler, yui compressor) on the same place
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